By IvanNik on Feb 10, 2018

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Quark is Light weight race quad based on my custom light tower style 185mm frame "Quark". Frame is available on https://armattanproductions.com/pages/shop_product_grid/2879

Ideal motors: ZMX FinX23 2205 2600kv, See tests http://www.miniquadtestbench.com/zmx-finx23-2205-2600kv.html
The current weight is 280g unloaded with 5mm frame. Which is slightly over initial estimation.

The builds that inspired me: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/6875, https://rotorbuilds.com/build/6606
Also I got several things/ideas from following frames:

Important moment: I used long 60mm solid M3 solid bolts (from bottom to the top) - so frame is very solid and stiff.


  • light, compact
  • very fast (thanks to high trust/weight ratio)
  • HD cam + FPV in one
  • 9 min flight time


  • clumsy (not as good as X frame)
  • it's required to set camera angle ~50 degree to remove props from HD view

Video directly from quad's camera:



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Rhart   Feb 11, 2018  

Just a suggestion for weight... Using an atx03 vtx with ufl ipex antenna and a micro v2 cam would probably save you 15-20g on your build maybe more, not to mention $$$. Good looking quad, I want to try those motors, currently running tmotor air 40 on a 190g 5" build

IvanNik   Feb 18, 2018 

Thank you Rhart. I was going to use light ufl antenna (https://www.getfpv.com/lumenier-axii-u-fl-5-8ghz-antenna-rhcp.html).

Paulhirdler   Feb 10, 2018  

Are those the same props that you posted in the parts list? they don't look like the HQProps!

acromode   Feb 10, 2018 

They look like master airscrew bullnose 5x4.5 to me

IvanNik   Feb 10, 2018 

correct, they are also good.
I have 3 different for tests:
1 Lumenier 5x5.3x3 - Gate Breaker
2 Master airscrew bullnose 5x4.5
3 HQProp Triple Prop 5x4x3R Skitzo

I have review where motors shows best performance with HQProp. But I'd like to compare all three options.

IvanNik   Feb 11, 2018 

just tested all props. I recommend Lumenier 5x5.3x3 - Gate Breaker. So mush power and ability to turn from/to any direction!!

Carbon_Rob   Nov 18, 2017  

Looks like it will be a great quad. The components you choose are top notch and the frame looks like it's going to be very light! My only comment is on my tower builds I have bent some standoffs so keep them handy! Should be an excellent flier!

IvanNik   Nov 18, 2017 

Thank you!! I decided to use Nylon Standoffs like in u180x frame: https://uberdesign.us/products/u180x

the idea from u180x:
"u180x Frame comes with Titanium 4x M3-20mm screws, 4x M3-12mm screws, and 4x M3 Nylon Standoffs
Nylon is more crash resistant by deforming rather than transferring stress during crashes onto your screws or FC stack
Titanium is less than half the weight of steel and more than twice the strength of aluminum"

Carbon_Rob   Nov 18, 2017 

I think if you hit somehing at speed with nylon standoffs and you're going to sheer them for sure.

IvanNik   Nov 19, 2017 

Probably you are right.
Will compare weight and test both.

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