The Pink Coyote

By mattidallama on Nov 13, 2017

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I was given this frame with the stipulation that I had to make it awesome. I painted my last quad pink because i had trouble finding it in the high grass. This time around i felt the paint would not do justice to the frame so i applied vinyl to the frame and painstakingly cut out all the skeletonized holes with a razor blade. Parts were are rent to own from a friend of mine because i felt putting Racestar motors on this frame was not good enough. Seems like the website for the frame is down I'm not sure if it is a temporary issue or they closed down. Right now i just have KingKong 5045 props in pink but i will be ordering a set of more aggressive props in the near future.



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metropolis   Nov 19, 2017  

Congrats on a new build! Quick recommendation: Extend the zip ties and heat shrink for your RX antenna to include the silver parts of the antenna as that's the section you actually want to protect. Check this out!

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