Space One FPV 5S Meteor

By Airmaxx23 on Nov 14, 2017

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I'm really happy with my Space One FPV Aurora frame and this one is only $19.95 so I picked one up to give it a try.

It came with 35mm standoffs, camera mounting plates and a rear VTx antenna mounting plate. I ordered some blue 20mm standoffs and drew up some TPU mounts for the Runcm Micro Swift and ditched the rear antenna mount. I did need to use 4 - 2mm TPU spacers to lift the top plate slightly.

I still would prefer to use 4 separate ESCs but since this frame is designed for a 4-in-1 and I wanted to use 5S I went with the DYS F30a. It's rotated in the frame 90 degrees CCW so that the battery pads line up with the battery pads on the flight controller. The signal wire for motor 3 is on the pad for motor 1 of the FC, wire 1 is on pad 2, wire 4 is on pad 3 and wire 2 is on pad 4.

I've used the BetaFlight F3 flight controller on several builds and like it's features and layout so now that the BFF4 is available I used one for this quad. It's soft mounted with anti vibration standoffs to minimize vibrations reaching the gyro.

I'm using the HyperLite V4 naked 2206-2722kv motors with Gemfan 5042 Windancer props. I'm using these motors on 3 builds now and really like the performance/ flight times that they offer.

The rest of the electronics consist of an Eachine VTX03, LemonRX DSMX satellite and Runcam Swift Micro Swift 2 with the 2.3mm lens.

The AUW without a battery is 271 grams.


Part List


Special Edition - Meteor 5" X (11 builds)

Flight Controller

Betaflight F4 Flight Controller (60 builds)


DYS F30A 4-in-1 ESC BLHeli_S Dshot (2 builds)


4 x HyperLite V4 Team Edition 2206-2722 Naked Bottom (3 builds)


Gemfan WinDancer Durable 3 Blade 5042 - Blue (4 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Swift 2 - 2.3mm (7 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Eachine VTX03 Super Mini 5.8G 72CH 0mW /25mW /50mw /200mW (426 builds)


LemonRx DSMX Compatible Satellite Receiver (16 builds)
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Doobie52   Apr 04, 2018  

Beautiful build! I just picked one of these frames up. Were the 3D printed camera mount files ever uploaded to Thingiverse? If so, would you please share the link.

Airmaxx23   Apr 05, 2018 

I dug up the file for the cam mounts and posted them on Thingiverse for you. You can find them here.

Doobie52   Apr 05, 2018 

Thank you!

kitabeck   Mar 12, 2018  

Beautiful build. Very clean... building one myself. Meteor 5” X and had the same thoughts. Going with a 4 in 1 so I wanted to lower the standoff’s to perhaps 25mm. Do you have that file for the camera ? Does it work with all types of cams or is for file specific for The RC Micro ? Thanks in advance.

ziyanV   Nov 24, 2017  

I am also building a SpaceOne Meteor. We seem to have chosen a lot of the same parts. I am concerned with the camera mounting. I was going to use the Swift 2 mounts sold on PyroDrone, but those are for the floss. Given that you have built this before, I want to ask if those will work and if not, could you share your mount design with me? Thanks!

Airmaxx23   Nov 24, 2017 

Thanks, I'll upload the file to Thingiverse this weekend and reply here with a link for you.

ziyanV   Nov 24, 2017 

Thank you!

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