Noisey Cricket

By acromode on Nov 20, 2017

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ask question if you have any. Will try to update as I tweak. Smoking fast for a 3", impressed with the quality of the frame.



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the Skonk   Nov 21, 2017  

ohh nice i have a similar build about to go down.. just waiting on the frames to arrive..
same motors, props and cell count.. whats the tuning like on those props? did you have to drop every thing right down ( especially the Ds )

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the Skonk   Nov 21, 2017 

I've got infinity 550s 850s and some tattu 650s for my build. that prop and motor combo will bench around 700g per motor so your going to need a battery that can handle 60-80amps constantly. which out of these batterys only the 850 will manage.

have you tried bumping up you TPA id go .05 at time and see if it gets rid of the high throttle issues

acromode   Nov 21, 2017 

I'm running Raceflight and RF1, not sure if there is a corresponding feature to Cleanflight/Betaflight's TPA? Going to the 860mah will cost me 20g - hard to get the best of both worlds i suppose.

the Skonk   Nov 28, 2017 

ow did you go with the tuning I've got mine dialled in really nice, moved to rotorX 3044t props and i really like the way they fly.. now the tune is good I'm going to give the gemFans another run.. i ended up starting the tune by cutting all the PID values i half other than the yaw P which i took down 30% it totally rips..
battery wise the 850s allow for all the WOT you can handle so thats my goto as the 550s ( while t handles a little better only gets 1.4min of flight time i racer mode..

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