NEX336 Near Earth Explorer 8" Long Range Surfer!

By Charles Hidalgo on Nov 21, 2017

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This Stefan van der Ende 8" NEX336 frame is almost ready for its maiden. A few more tbs crossfire antenna placement tweaks and it will be ready. .
NEX336 8" Frame
Garilla 2514-1500kv motors
Master #AirScrew 8x4.5 and 8x6x3 props
Emax 35a esc's
Foxeer mini II
Betaflight F4 FC
Fatshark 1.3GHz vtx International version
TrueRC 1.3GHz antenna
GoPro Session.
TBS crossfire micro rx.



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lorenzo220580   Jan 13, 2020  

have you got some problem with 1.3ghz vtx and crossfire tx?noise?

Dhananjeyan   Nov 26, 2017  

Man You have a lot of quads. I only have one thats falling apart :(. Do you have a spare quad please i really need one.

LeRAW   Nov 25, 2017  

Nice craft!
What is the weight? Any info on flying time/battery? Thanks

Charles Hidalgo   Nov 25, 2017 

Way to many variables to give a pinpoint fly time. I will say I've been testing with two 1600mah 4s packs in parallel (see photo) and I'm getting about 5-6 minutes with an AUW of 1100g and it handles really nice and I've yet to open the throttle up to wide open. I'm doing 5s testing this weekend hopefully but I flew a small 5s 1300mah and almost got 3 minutes.

LeRAW   Nov 25, 2017 

Thank for the info! Is it not to heavy with two parallel batteries? I was trying to find some info in but your motors are not there. I was asking because I am looking for a sort of "long range" drone. I am more interested in time than speed. It will be my first drone! :)

Charles Hidalgo   Nov 25, 2017 

It can take more weight easily. Yeah I get a lot of things to test all the time so many times I dont have a link to the components or gear. This is a great frame and so is the 316 which is the 7" version. Another great one is the 7" big corgette from Andy over at shendrones and it's available here in the USA.

metropolis   Nov 23, 2017  

Any links to more info on this frame?!

Charles Hidalgo   Nov 24, 2017 

There's probably less that a dozen here in the states and I have two. It was a very limited run. There is this 336 and a 7" 316 frame. The designer is Stefan van der Ende and his page is here on Facebook if you want to try and contact him. He resides in Spain.

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