Avant Devel super light 5"

By mascaras on Nov 25, 2017

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Avant Devel & Airbot NOX - Super Light 5" Racer


  • Avant devel 5" frame
  • Airbot Nox AIO V2.1 (Blheli32 // PDB//OSD // Telemetry ESC )
  • Racedayquads badass 2205-2450kv
  • Frsky XM+
  • Foxeer Arrow Micro V2
  • Eachine VTX03
  • Actuna racing 5.8Ghz antenna


  • Betaflight OSD
  • ESC upgradeable
  • FC firmware supported
  • Blheli_32 With telemetry function
  • DSHOT 1200


  • 20x20mm mounting holes (M3 Screws)
  • 4x 35A BLHeli_32 ESC ( DSHOT 1200 and Telemetry )
  • STMF411 MCU @ 100Mhz
  • ICM 20608 Gyro/MPU (Replaceable ) >> Airbot NOX Final Version come with MPU6000 (also replaceable )
  • Betaflight OSD
  • Incl. Barometer
  • Small LC filter(5V 500ma)
  • 4000uf cap on board

  • Dimensions : 48mm x 39mm x 10mm (with USB )
  • Weight : around 20g

The design is very good and the position of the solder pads for RX , VIN, VOUT , Buzzer , Leds ( and so on) are great , positioned under the XT60 bay so the final result will be a Clean Build !

Airbot Used the MCU STM32F411 because its a lot smaller compared with the "usual" STM32F405 MCU (so they can fit all components in one 20x20 AIO configuration) althought the F411 MCU clock speed is 100mhz while the F405 MCU is 168mhz and because of that you will notice that in Betaflight with Dynamic filter enabled , ESC Telemetry , Dshot1200 and 8/8k the CPU LOAD is around 23% but in my opinion thats not an issue (still under 40%-50% )

The default MPU installed on Airbot NOX its the ICM 20608 (replaceable) but i think there will be an optional Gyro/MPU6000 that we can easily change/replace because Airbot NOX use the same Gyro "system/style" as the Omnibus F4 Corner ;)
(UPDATE: New NOX V2.16 already released and like i suspected already has Gyro MPU6000 installed from Default ! New Nox v2.16 Already available on Airbot website )

Frsky XM+ connected by S-BUS working fine out of the box , just need to enable UART2 .
The FPV feed seems clear with no Noise at all (only tested yet on the bench table with Motors "tab") and i did not installed the 470uf 35v or any other extra capacitor !!

Talking about the motors i opted for Racedayquads 2205-2450kv Naked Bottom (Brotherhobby R2 customized ) because they are very light ( 26g with short wire) and for super light 5" builds (under 250g) you dont want Big/heavy motors , better choice for this kind of builds are 2204/2205 motors (maybe light 2206 too) .

For props i will test with Dalprop T5040c , Dalprop T5045C , Dalprop T5050c (Dual blade) and HQ 5x4x3 V1S .

  • Maiden Video soon .......

    ( Had a few problems with ICM20608 gyro on Nox V2.1 so im Waiting for new NOX V2.16 with MPU6000 )

    • UPDATE (12/5/2017) : Airbot just released a new NOX V2.16 , they replaced the Gyro to MPU6000 and added a new resistor ( New Nox v2.16 already listed on Airbot website)

Im waiting to receive the new Airbot NOX V2.16 version to complete the Build/tests !




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Greg42   Dec 15, 2017  

Hey, nice build. Where did you get the 20x20 to 30.5x30.5 adaptor ? Do you have a thingiverse file for that ?

mascaras   Dec 06, 2017  

UPDATE: Airbot just replaced the Gyro with the MPU6000 and also added a new resistor in the New version NOX V2.16 (already listed on Airbot website)

Im waiting to receive the new Airbot NOX V2.16 version to complete the Build/tests

slodsm   Nov 25, 2017  

Great looking build man, love it. Makes me wanna go buy that frame now.

mascaras   Nov 25, 2017 

thanks mate . yep Avant Quads frames are top notch , the carbon quality and finish its great

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