SIRRUS-150 Low Profile 3" Racer

By wklee.fpv on Dec 01, 2017

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SIRRUS-150 low profile+ Got surprised with its speed!! Top mounted = balanced handling and tighter cornering!!

HQ Prop DP 3x3x4
3DPOWER Micro Camera
Frsky XM+



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DEinDEad   Feb 21, 2018  

i just ordered one of these, and wanted to know what is the clearance like for the fc and esc?

wklee.fpv   Feb 28, 2018 

as picture shown, there is enough space for 20x20 hglrc stack.

kromefpv   Dec 11, 2017  

How long does it usually take to receive a package from and how is there service?

wklee.fpv   Dec 12, 2017 

usually it takes a week for US shipping. they could ship the package from their US warehouse.

acromode   Dec 04, 2017  

How is the run time?

wklee.fpv   Dec 05, 2017 

Hi, it really depend on how you fly (racing or freestyling). for full speed race, it (using 4s 850mah) can reach 2/3 run time of my 5" quad (using 4s 1500mah).

UnderDawg   Dec 01, 2017  

Cool frame! looks like it would be lite.

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