Tooth Fairy 5"

By tinyty on Dec 08, 2017

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2206/ 5" tooth fairy


Part List


HyperLite Tooth Fairy 5" Race Frame (16 builds)

Flight Controller

RaceFlight Millivolt Flight Controller (7 builds)


25A Ori 4in1 ESC (20x20) BLHELI_S - (MUILTSHOT) (13 builds)


4 x RDQ BADASS 2206 2450Kv Motor (8 builds)


HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S (2CW+2CCW) PC **Choose Color** (375 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Swift 2 600TVL CCD FPV Camera (2.1mm or 2.3mm) - Orange (292 builds)

FPV Transmitter

VTX - All Video Transmitters (542 builds)


True RC AXII-U.FL 5.8 (33 builds)


Spektrum Quad Race Serial Receiver w/ Telemetry (SPM4649T) (33 builds)

Misc Parts

5-6s Thin LEDs (2 builds)

Misc Parts

3-6s Tiny LEDs (13 builds)
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stefan   Jun 07, 2018  

I'm not seeing an external capacitor like the ORI 25a ESC manufacturer claims is required. I'm trying to determine just how critical an external capacitor actually is so I'm wondering if you used a capacitor and if not have you had any issues because of it.

tinyty   Jun 07, 2018 

I have one on the XT60 lead. It should be close to the ESC but I've not had any issues with it being there. It may not be helping as much, but i've had no issues.

stefan   Jun 07, 2018 

Yeah if I add a cap it will most likely be at the XT60.

Town-C Aviation   Jun 01, 2018  

Could you please share where you got the antenna stanoff mounts? Thanks!

tinyty   Jun 01, 2018 

It is on my FB group. it hold my Tiny's LEDs perfectly.

Quark   Dec 09, 2017  

Awesome build! I’ve been wanting to do a build with this light frame! I’ve some questions:
What’s the dry weight?
How is the Ori 4in1 working for you? I believe it has M3 screw holes but TF frame has M2 holes, so how did you resolve that?

tinyty   Dec 09, 2017 

The dry weight is 250grams.
It seems to be working on for the moment. I will update if it blows up on me.

I used progressively larger bits on the holes with my drill.

robroy11976   Feb 13, 2018 

Your FC/ESC setup seems to be similar to the XJB-F428 stack. You think this can handle 2206 2600kv motors?

theGreenOrange   Feb 20, 2018 

The Ori is a seriously beefy ESC with capacitors out the ass. I think it would do better than an HGLRC.

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