Skitzo Hype

By jtahair on Dec 30, 2017

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Super tough QAV-Skitzo built like a tank for everyday flying!!! I snuck in a 2200mah capacitor horizontally right behind the fc so it would be protected and safe drone the woods I fly in usually.



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Hawki   Dec 31, 2017  

Very clean build, nicely done!!

acromode   Dec 30, 2017  

I'd back out the screws holding the FC down. There should be little to no pressure on the anti vibration grommets.

jtahair   Dec 30, 2017 

Thanks for the input, but had issue with screws backing out and she flys like glass!

acromode   Dec 30, 2017 

Longer screws? I get a little nuts about the details. If it runs well, run it!

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