Mach 1: Black Widow

By Beastie Builds on Dec 31, 2017

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This thing will go 767.269 mph (scale speed)

Okay maybe not scale speed but it’s called the Mach 1 by Race Day Quads and it is exceptional. It comes in at 288 grams with tpu arm guards, regular arms, and racekraft props, and with lighter props, no arm guards, and race arms, it comes in at 259 grams. I’m pretty happy with this build regarding it has plenty of power for its weight. The Deadpool motors are wicked quick on anything less that 280 grams while already being fast on anything around the 300 gram mark. At 259 grams these motors are torque queens even though they are high KV as well. The 2306 stator makes up for the torque loss. More importantly, this things is pretty darn durable for a race frame with replaceable arms. I think the tick bottom plate on this quad really does a good job with helping the arms hold up.



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OKFPV   Feb 06, 2018  

Dang this is a sexy build!

Beastie Builds   Feb 07, 2018 

Thanks dude!

MicroManiac   Jan 08, 2018  

Damn, I need to learn how to take better photos of my quads. I'm using a cell phone hahahaha.

silkysmooth3215   Jan 06, 2018  

Dude this one of the sweetest builds I have seen. What is your take on Brother Hobby motors? Have you checked out the new EFAW motor? (Earth, Fire, Air and Water). These have got to be some bad ass motors. I would like to try them out on this frame, since it is such a simple, clean, lightweight yet strong build. Definitely one slick build, I love it.

Beastie Builds   Jan 06, 2018 

Thanks for the kind words my man! Yeah these motors are the and I think you’ll like the EFAW motors - I’d say give them a try! Just a heads up that there not going to be very durable on this frame because the arms tend to come loose on heavy crashes with heavier motors. If I were you, I’d get some of the new F40 Pro 2 motors instead. They will be faster around a track. The EFAW motors are like a Bugatti and the F40s are like a Porsche 918. One is a race car and one is a drag car. Power doesn’t always mean speed when it comes to race tracks ;)

silkysmooth3215   Jan 07, 2018 

I would have to fully agree with you, failed to think about that.
How is the dipole antenna for reception on this build? I have one on my micro and it is terrible for clean video and range.

Beastie Builds   Jan 07, 2018 

It’s fine. If you get a cheap one they arn’t the best but if you get the TBS one they are pretty good. If you’re in an open field racing you won’t loose much video, but if you are trying to go behind houses or thick trees you won’t have best video. On my race builds I tend to stick with the tbs dipole and 200mw vtx but on my daily driver I have an 800mw vtx and VAS/TBS IONs or Triumphs.

Watsamatta   Jan 04, 2018  

This is certainly one of the prettiest drones I've seen. Love the color scheme and the clean build. Heck it looks wicked fast too. Great Job man!

Beastie Builds   Jan 04, 2018 

Thanks brother! Definitely one of the fastest I have built so far! Even faster when I shave about 28 grams of weight with the race arms and the TPU arm guards left off! Then it gets cooking! The stretched frame gives very little cavitation through the turns and I would highly highly recommend picking one up if you get the chance.

Third Eye FPV   Jan 04, 2018  

Very slick... love it

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