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By LoveBeingUseless on Jan 01, 2018

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I’ve been damn excited about this frame. So happy it came back in stock!

My instagram is @LoveBeingUseless. I started FPV back in August 2017. I haven’t been in it that long but man I love how much info there is out there for thishobby. It is really developing day by day.

I started off with an ARRIS x220 Pro version and for ARF quad it was awesome. Most of the components were junk and the frame design had many weak points but it came with emax RS2306 Motors which really made it perform well.

I mainly just want to fly for fun and make some cool videos. So I wanted to build a fun freestyle quad that wasn’t gonna be dated within 2 months nor did I want it to give me all kinds of trouble every time I wanted to fly.

After tons of research and my own testing, I started to find that for acro and general flying, you have to have the battery on top. So I looked for frames that could run that but I really didn’t like the giant long fuselage of the alien style frames. I liked what @gapit did and took his XHover that was designed for bottom mount and he ran the battery toilet back style (sideways). I wanted my quad to be slim, dainty, strong and cheap to rebuild. This Brought me to KababFPV and hyperlite Quads. I recommend watching all his quad theory videos on YouTube. It really helps you understand how your quad frame is designed to be used and that is important when building.

I love the hyperlite frames because they are in a great price range, simple, light and stiff! The money you spend goes to the right stuff, plus cheap and easy to rebuild. I know there are other frames with nicer carbon out there but most of us are gonna bash it up on trees, the asphalt and everything. It’s gonna get beat up over time or completely destoryed. The carbon isn’t ugly or low quality by any means! They just don’t charge you extra to make it extra pretty cause we all know it’s gonna be our work horse.

Anyway so I bought a 5in Floss 2, 5in Flowride, and 5in Toothfairy. They are cheap enough to have them hanging up just waiting to be built. The frames are incredibly light and incredibly stiff.

I hated the flycolor 4in1 raptor s tower that came on the ARRIS x220. I replaced the 4in1 ESC 4 Times and the FC twice!! Lol I wasn’t sure how I wanted to build a new one yet so I kept dumping money into that piece of junk. We all have been there in the RC hobby. After that I was like this is crazy my next quad will not have a 4in1 and instead have separate ESC’s. The longer I went on looking for my new build and watching new builds. 4in1’s got more popular and obviously worked better than my Flycolor Tower. I loved how clean and light they made the build look. I wanted to be able to try out 5s on my new build to expand and learn more. With that, I spent the cash up front and got myself a nice, well known, and well tested Hobbywing XRotor F4 40a Stack. The quality of this thing is so nice and I couldn’t be happier.

I also finally got a GoPro 5 Session do I’m gonna remove the enourmous and vulnerable GoPro hero 4 Black.

Let me know if you have any questions guys. I’ll add more updates as things go along



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Drones_Brigade   Feb 15, 2018  

I see you have landing pads underneath the arms. Where did you get those?

LoveBeingUseless   Feb 15, 2018 

I work for BMW. The landing pads I use are spacers used to gap the windshield away from the body during installation. It is essentially, a rubber bushing that is quiet hard with double sided sticky tape on the back. They work perfectly. Unfortunately not the easiest thing to source for everyone. :)

AerialApex   Jan 14, 2018  

Do you have a link to the Hero 4 mount?

LoveBeingUseless   Jan 21, 2018 

I got the Hero4 mount from Piroflip RC.

Dhananjeyan1280   Jan 08, 2018  

how smooth are the motors

LoveBeingUseless   Jan 21, 2018 

Motors are butter! Couldn’t be happier, they have no problem spinning anything.

Whiffles   Jan 11, 2018  

Looks great! I'm going to try to do a 20mm Martian II with a micro cam. It seems that frame uses 23mm. Think I'll be able to pull it off?

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