gryf 281mm

By ndo on Jan 03, 2018

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I wanted to make 10 minutes+ long range slow flyer. I'm going to get 2s3p 18650 packs for it.
381g w/o battery. Looks 281mm frame could take 7 inch props and not hit the base.

Edit: I've got mentioned custom battery and it flies beautefully with 2:1 weight ratio, 6535 props. 15minutes of actual flying. I crashed (light, nothing happened) and I think it was low voltage ~7V (3,5 per cell) and, so either FC doesn't supply power to 5v of RX or one of the ESCs shut down. Looks like I'll try connect 2 such batteries in one 4s3p. Blackbox was full...



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Jodie Froster   Jan 04, 2018  

I haven't seen anyone try this on a multirotor. I have seen it on single prop decent/high effeciency rc planes. Typically the accepted wisdom is tat the amp draw on a multirotor is too high for lythium ion, but I would love to see what you get out of it. I would imagine a lower kv motor would serve you much better in this endavor, but I still hope it works for you. Please post a vid when you can, I have toyed with the idea of doing this but got discouraged after researching, i'm glad you're doing it!!

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ndo   Apr 13, 2018 

Li-Ion 2s3p (300g) over 16mins armed/flight time:

Jodie Froster   Apr 14, 2018 

Still running those 6" CF 2 blade props?

ndo   Apr 17, 2018 

T-motor 6535 props, sometimes KingKong 6040. At the moment I fly 6inch front and 6.5inch back to have equal thrust on fron and rear - experimenting - looks like less vibration.

Booda3000   Jan 03, 2018  

Very nice. How's it fly?

ndo   Jan 04, 2018 

Bad weather, my first build process and debugging stopped me to try the range, real flight time and characteristics. I did a few LOS flights, blackbox shows me very clean build. Surprised how much power it has on 3s as I only flown toys 2s till now. IDK really, need more experience and FPV flight to tell. It flies :)

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