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By jtahair on Jan 04, 2018

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I wanted an all around smooth freestyle quad, this is what I came up with...... never would have dreamed that it would fly this good!!!!!! My secondary goal was 5 min fly times, and I am close I’m getting an average of 4:30 of ultra smooth fly time!!! Additional parts that aren’t listed qwadskids from rotorriot and the stock astrox pdb.



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Francicello   Jan 05, 2018  

Hi! Do you think freybott motor are good for freestyle? What about this frame? chameleon or astro x x5?

jtahair   Jan 06, 2018 

If you have never used Astrox then I would but both frame are top of the line. As for the freybott motors they are epic freestyle motors, feels like that’s what they were designed for!! Intensely powerful both smoothest motors I own!

RZFPV   Jan 04, 2018  

Hey this quad is sick, very expensive though. Maybe you could take a look at my budget quad and we could talk about ways to improve it, because you clearly know what you're doing.

jtahair   Jan 05, 2018 

Yeah man, I looked at it seems like you have it well setup only thing I can recommend is running higher end batteries, single best way to get more out of the quad. If you are asking for recommendations on new electronics just lmk

Beastie Builds   Jan 04, 2018  

Nice color choices with the freybott and prop combo! Wouldn’t change a thing!

jtahair   Jan 04, 2018 

Thanks bud I really appreciate the input

Beastie Builds   Jan 04, 2018  

Dude all of your quads are sick!

jtahair   Jan 04, 2018 

All my quads are for sale! Just message me and we can chat

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