By quallsalmighty on Jan 07, 2018

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So I have been flying the Skoll V1 for some time now and its an absolute tank. When I saw they were coming out with the V2 I just had to get one. Its amazing! Josh has perfected an already perfect air frame. Its a true X design with the default arms you can run 5 or 6 inch props. I personally run 5 and it is so so stable in the air. The Armattan oomph velvet's need no introduction. They are super smooth and have enough power with out killing you battery and extremely resilient. This is the exact set up that I fly on my V1 Skoll. Its proven its self very well. I have been really putting this frame through its paces and I can not say enough good things about it. The rollcage design keeps everything nice and safe and is easy to build. Pop off two screws and lift the "hood" and BOOM! Full access to everything.



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Milk510   Jan 04, 2019  

do you think this will accomodate a Runcam Split?

Beastie Builds   Feb 07, 2018  

are those 6 inch arms with 5 inch props?

quallsalmighty   Apr 11, 2018 

yes sit

quallsalmighty   Apr 11, 2018 

lol ** yea

theFPVgeek   Apr 10, 2018  

Are the props seen in the recorded GoPro video?

quallsalmighty   Apr 11, 2018 

yea yu can see the props in the shot with the 6 inch arms. heres a link to some video to give you an idea how much.

Also, i think they are clear with the five inch arms.

RZFPV   Jan 31, 2018  
quallsalmighty   Jan 31, 2018 

The Titans have a bigger stator and are a little higher kv. Which translates into more thrust on the lower end of the throttle. But its also a little less efficient.

metropolis   Jan 08, 2018  

Niiiice! I've run the V1 and am looking forward to doing a warranty repair upgrade to the v2! Can you change the arms on the V2 without having to take apart the full thing? :p

quallsalmighty   Jan 08, 2018 

Sure can. Two screws and you cancel slide an arm right out. They sandwhich in between the top and bottom plates. It’s awesome. Not to mention the cage flips up for easy access

acromode   Jan 08, 2018  

Are those broken props on the esc's?

quallsalmighty   Jan 08, 2018 

yea, I tape them down as esc protectors. Works really well.

acromode   Jan 08, 2018 

I love seeing the different stuff people come up with.

quallsalmighty   Jan 08, 2018 

Yea its part of what makes this hobby so fun.

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