Sinew 5 - Black Widow

By Ashade on Jan 09, 2018

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Sinew 5 - Black Widow

I wanted a light weight cruiser capable of high speeds without sacrificing efficiency or convenience. Thus, this build carries a 500mW VTX, with a full size replaceable antenna, running betaflight 3.2.3, smartaudio (through softserial), telemetry and LUA script, while still weighting 272g without the battery. PT1 and dynamic filtering was turned on and both of the gyro notches deactivated. The result is a very stable quad, with amazing dynamics, outstanding cornering, that feels very locked in and rarely shows any prop wash.

I was very excited about this frame, so wanted to do things right from the beginning. After all, I had bought the frame in preorder and had to wait a while to get it in my hands. I decided I wanted the edges of the carbon fiber painted, which turned out way better than I expected: White for one frame, green for the second one. I also wanted to keep the build as clean and light as possible, so I went ahead, depinned the receiver, and shortened the motor cables as much as possible after routing them underneath the FC. The FC was soft-mounted using M3 nylon screws and 3mm ID o-rings as spacers. The major downside to this build is that in order to access the USB port, it is necessary to unscrew one side of the cam. Not a big deal, specially considering you can tune it using LUA script, but still a little bit inconvenient. Alternatively, you could position the FC sideways, but I discarded this option since I wanted the XT60 connector position towards the back.

I don't usually use capacitors but it has been reported that these FCs behave better with them. Some pictures also show an XSR receiver and an Eachine antenna. These two were later replaced by an R-XSR and a Lumenier AXII stubby antenna to further reduce weight, improve the looks, and keep the aero lines of the quad. It will also see an upgrade to TBS crossfire and camera control added to the LED pin eventually.

Happy flying!



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the Skonk   Jan 17, 2018  

really nice build did you get the ESC telemetry working if so how ?

Ashade   Jan 18, 2018 

To be honest, I didn't even give it a shot! But I think the board doesn't support it. I'll try it and let you know what happens. :)

the Skonk   Jan 18, 2018 

it maybe the UART 3 as its not connected externally to any thing else.. i haven't worked it out yet either but i believe it should work if we can figure out what uart they are connected too.. either that or turn on the esc sensors for all the UARTs and hope for the best.

Hawki   Jan 12, 2018  

Excellent build ... impressive workmanship and it looks like a kick to fly.
Have fun with it ...

Ashade   Jan 12, 2018 

Thank you! That means a lot!

Jodie Froster   Jan 10, 2018  

I have been sitting here imagining the paths that air will take coming off different curves on the top plate, then going to the different holes in the arms for like... 10 min. Yowza that thing looks nice! Btw ... Your FC is gonna die when your XT-60 breaks off a pad in a battery ejecting crash. You could zip tie the wires you (could) add, to the frame, for strain relief. There is a convienient little crescent cut-out for it. MAN that is a beautiful frame!

Ashade   Jan 10, 2018 

It's mesmerizing right! I've been thinking about the xt60 for a while and I think you are right... I might desolder it and extend it with a short wire, even if it's only to relief stress in kind of impact. Some times "compactness" gets over my head... XD Thank you!

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