Armattan Mongoose 5"

By jedimasterben on Jan 25, 2018

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Why not?

EDIT: 2/8/2018 - Finally got my HGLRC XT60 current sensor and also got a different antenna mount from BMC3D. Dry weight went from 290g to 303g, bringing AUW to 468g.

EDIT 1/25/2018 - She is complete. AUW is 455g and hovers at 25-30% throttle.



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Hpwns   Mar 01, 2018  

Sick build man! Digging the Vinyl stickers that you slapped on it.

I have a quick question. How did you cut the sticker to the correct dimension of the frame? Thanks!

jedimasterben   Mar 04, 2018 

Sorry for not getting to you sooner, been sick with the flu. I cut the vinyl to the approximate size of the individual pieces, stuck it on, and then used an xacto knife to cut it to the exactly size of the frame and to cut out all of the holes. Then repeat for the other side so that everything is fully covered :)

Hpwns   Mar 14, 2018 

Hey man!

Thanks for the information! I will go to a local sticker shop and try the same. :D

Beastie Builds   Feb 12, 2018  

How durable is this frame? 3mm arms seems a bit delicate to me

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jedimasterben   Feb 12, 2018 

Combined with their width they should be as strong as thinner arms using 4mm thick carbon. The guy that designed it is the one that designs all the nice Armattan frames and when asked about it he said that he tested a lot of variations and this final design was as strong as the 4mm design but quite a bit lighter.

I did have a very hard crash at full throttle and bent the carbon right at the motor, but the way it seemed to have hit it probably would have outright snapped a thicker carbon. Everything has its ups and downs when flying at high speeds :)

Beastie Builds   Feb 12, 2018 

Thanks for the reply! Do you use this frame more for racing, freestyle, or just for anything? And is the carbon the same quality as the high end Armattan models?

jedimasterben   Feb 12, 2018 

I don't do any racing at this time, but I wanted to fly a light build with a ton of power and see how it flies compared to a high power higher weight rig, my Rooster build. It is much snappier in turns, takes less time to build up to speed (which is also faster than my Rooster) and still seems to have the same 'throw' around obstacles, though since it is lighter with the same prop size it has a lot more hang time when dropping throttle while in the air. I was really surprised at just how much of a difference of 150 grams would make!

Quark   Jan 22, 2018  

Great build! Digging that skin!

What's the width of the arms?

jedimasterben   Jan 29, 2018 

Thanks! I think they're 13 or 14mm across.

furiouspug   Jan 29, 2018  

I was considering the mongoose. Where did you get the skin from?

jedimasterben   Jan 29, 2018 

Got the vinyl from

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