By Minichado on Jan 12, 2018

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Tinyshark!!! I've been so excited about this build but I had to wait the entire month of December for my parts (by no fault of the vendor, airbladeuav was travelling all December so he had a discount code 15% off, shipped everything first of January).

I got the frame on the first batch of orders from LAZD at FalconMultirotors (thank you!!) and I've been neglecting all my build/repair queue for quite some time, but last night we threw it together.

The frame, because I had preorder, came with the bottom plate and the 3D printed canopy, and the 3d printed cam mount. I had to get all of the hardware (m2 nylon) on amazon. but that was super cheap. and now I have tons of spares :D :D The particular camera I ordered did not fit the cam mount (I could have easily molded/heated or cut the mount) but I decided to simply hold the cam in place with a rubber band.

Soldering the esc signal wires to the FC was nerve wracking. I would put this as an advanced build just due to the tiny nature of those pads. If you see the iron I used, it was ideal in one way but not the other. I have a fine tip soldering iron but it barely holds heat, but it's more accurate physically. in this case I used the fat iron because it was on and off in less than like 0.3s. all that is to say, you need to be confident soldering on this Tinyfish F3. It has a built in FRsky receiver though, so F3 FC and receiver at 1.6g!!! can't beat that!! the AUW is 44 gm and it's 37gm dry in the current configuration. I'll shave a few grams when the battery lead isn't 4" long.

Planning the build is also tricky. You have to be patient, careful, and you are extremely limited in compatible parts. I ended up with the FC installed upside down and rotated 180 backwards, which happened to make the ESC wires look like some tiny headers ;), but more importantly it gave me access to USB. All that said, it is quite the fast and enjoyable setup. I am most excited that this platform appears to have roughly the same current draw as my whoop, so for serious indoor racing this might be my new go to craft!

Flight footage!!



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Magus_fpv   Jun 13, 2018  

The motors are specified for 2s to 3s, how do you run them?

Minichado   Aug 14, 2018 

They run just fine for me. maybe losing some top end on 1S but it's still more than enough thrust to throw it around a track or a house.

Magus_fpv   Jun 13, 2018  

How are the motors on 1s? would 7800kv be decent or nah?

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Minichado   Jun 13, 2018 

perfect in 2S! just make sure you get a 2s esc, and for these micro fc you might need a polulu step down to get 5v to power the fligtt controller

Magus_fpv   Jun 13, 2018 

and would 35g for a 2s be too heavy for 7800kv?

Minichado   Jun 14, 2018 

that is what my 1s weighs, and it flies great. should rip on 2S

solaireFPV   Jan 16, 2018  

how's it fly

solaireFPV   Feb 04, 2018 

It looked so good next to mine

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