By acromode on Jan 30, 2018

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Rebuild of my Jap, going 4" this time. You can get just the 4" base plate from Armattan.

Ended up going with an xt60 to manage more amps and bigger packs, with the thrust I'm making and no HD cam, it should give me more options.

The stack is set up the way I've been liking recently, nice and compact. The rx is heatshrinked and mounted with three times stacked double sided mounting tape. I always make sure to cut out a little bit for the bind button and LED. Also mount face down to access bind button from under frame.

I fried a vtx03 in the process here, I had a unify hv from another build, which I assumed would be a little big, but I couldn't be happier with the way everything fit together. The voltage monitoring lead from the eagle pro 2 is spliced into the power lead for the unify hv, which is coming from the smaller connector on the hobbywing 4 in 1. From testing, the voltage comes across in the OSD just fine and I don't see any noise in the video feed. If there is a concern about wiring this way I would like to hear about it. I always enjoy when a mistake ends up improving the end product, even if it cost me a little.

Axii stubby fits like a charm with the mounting plate flipped and revsered.

The print on the axii wasn't lined up straight after screwing in, which triggered my OCD. I used a black paint pen to cover it and it looked like ass. So I used rubbing alcohol to strip the paint and it took the axii rchp etc text off as well. Voila.

I was originally going to use brotherhobby 1407 3600kv motors but I found them to be too noisy, this was the case on another 3" build I did using their 4100kv's. I know they get rave reviews and are well established. I just find myself wanting a low cogging motor, I find them more efficient and easier to tune around. As another data point, I found the brotherhobby motors to require i higher idle just to get spinning. Every other motor I've used will idle at 5% or less. The brotherhobby 1407 motors wouldn't idle consistently below 6%.

I went with the new avenger 1507s for their lower cogging. And the have 12 poles like a bigger 22xx motor. The motors are 3600kv.

Ask questions if you have them!



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BuildCrashRepeat   Feb 01, 2018  

Hi Acromode,

Thanks very must for this posting. Great photos. I probably spend more time researching parts than anything. i was searching the 1507 and well...you answered my question. I just knew this little guy could handle the larger motors. How is the sound? I'm looking for loud and proud. I'm also thinking of throwing in the "DALRC ENGINE 40A" but I'm concerned about total stack height. I think the manufacturer lists the max stack at 28mm is that accurate based on your setup?
Thanks for keeping the community strong with your high quality work.

acromode   Feb 01, 2018 

Thank you!

28mm looks right. I added a photo for yor reference. Additionally I added one showing where I dremmelled back the carbon a bit. I didn't need to do this. But I like to run screws on top of my stacks for asthetics and ease of servicing.

The motors sound pretty much like a 2205 or the like to me. Pretty smooth really. These props aren't super aggressive either which of course impacts the sound

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