By Pit on Jan 18, 2018

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The R150. A light, low stack, top mount 3-inch mini-micro frame. My demo build parts in the list. Completed build = 82g + battery.
The frame kit comes with aluminium and titanium alloy hardware, flexible vtx mount and unbreakable micro strap from rjx. Unlike the most frames on the market the r150 kit also includes motor bolts.
The built quad on the picture is the latest prototype. Because of the simplicity of the design it only took 3 prototypes for me to be happy with it.



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acromode   Jan 19, 2018  

I hope you don't enjoy that antenna

Pit   Jan 19, 2018 

Its completely fine and picture is pretty much as good as with heavier omnidirectional antennas. The trick is in getting the diversity receiver antennas good and in a correct angles.

acromode   Jan 19, 2018 

I only mean that it's fixing to get smashed off where it is.

Pit   Jan 19, 2018 

Its fine. Its fixed with a cable tie and heat shrink and the battery on top is giving an extra protection to it. You'll see soon when I post some completed build pictures.

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