3" XBL

By nomand on Apr 09, 2018

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I love this build and form factor more than any 5". I love being able to take it everywhere and the little space it takes up, I can rip after work without bringing a backpack full of gear and batteries. I run 650 4S CNHL's and get up to 3 minutes of agressive flight.
PUDA is a rough budget frame, but after some sanding feels very solid. Bottom plate is 4mm and doesn't really flex. I replaced steel hardware with nylon (except for the screws that bind the verticals to the baseplate). I originally ran an iFlight Transframe X3 but that was a bulky 59g frame which is ridiculous. This one is half the weight and while not as premium quality, is just as sturdy.
The stock whip antenna has great perfomance and I never felt needing to run an omni.

I tried this with different props: DALPROP 3056C, NAZGUL 3061, GEMFAN 3052, DYS3045 and by far the DALs are my favorite. Nazguls are very heavy on the amps and gemfans aren't as punchy.

Dry weight 135.5g.

I'll have more on it on my youtube channel http://youtube.com/c/nomand
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danyeal   Apr 10, 2018  

Amazing looking build, very clean. Can you recommend any Motors on banggood for this build? Its usually the best shipping to where i live.

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danyeal   Apr 10, 2018 

Nice, thank you :)

Sasquads   May 24, 2018 

Try the Racerstar Racing Edition BR1507, engineer X tested them, as well as the brotherhobby 1407's. The RS perform better.....Just compare the test results. I just ordered a pair. This frame looks just right to go with it

Quadlite   Jul 03, 2018 

true, it has a few more grams of thrust, but it also weighs more. There are 1407's that produce more thrust than this 1507. BH1407 might be the most popular, but the cobra 1407's, the new rcx 1407's and the sunnysky 1408's are all more powerful. The cobras are actually both slightly more powerful and more efficient that brotherhobby 1407s. The cobras are also smoother and run cooler. I use the 1407 4100kb cobras on my 4 inch setup and absolutely love them. Its 124grams dry with kk 4045x2 props and 126grams dry with hq 4043x3 props. Personally i'd probably never use a 15xx-18×× motor because they are too heavy for what they do.. For that weight i'd rather just use a 20gram 2204 3022kv hyperlite instead. Thats just my 2 cents anyways.

DougFPV   May 23, 2018  

Any flight footage? Looking at this or the Armattan Japalura 3". The armattan looks like it has some 5" flight characteristics which is nice, i guess down to the weight. However its an expensive frame!

nomand   May 23, 2018 

I have some dvr, but not uploaded. Will make some more in the future as it's becoming my main quad. I wana buy an SQ12 as well. Not yet though. Not sure about the differences characteristically, I'd suspect it's somewhat negligeable, except the front-heaviness of japalura. If you want a mini camera, go with that, Puda takes a micro, a significant difference in weight given the cam+mount material.

Jinrongfpv   May 23, 2018  

The puda is a m3 mounting hole for a stack but how do you use a m2 stack on m3 frame?

nomand   May 23, 2018 

I just run long m2 steel bolts with silicone wire shoved on them at the cap. The mounting holes are countersunk so the bolts self-center on the hole anyway, but the silicone sleeve helps, no problems at all :)

ICEMAN   Apr 19, 2018  

You just made me buy one of these frames lol. This thing looks like the batmobile had sex with an AR 15

Fuzzball44   Apr 11, 2018  

Hi! So before I start I just want to clarify that I am very new to the racing side of quads (I own a more cinimatic one). I have been wanting to get into this for a while and I feel like this is a great starting quad. I was just wondering if you had a video of you building this drone of if I should just find a similar video and go oiff that... thanks :D

nomand   Apr 12, 2018 

Hey! I don't have a build video sorry, but most racing drones have the same anatomy so knowledge how to build one is directly applicable to any other one. If you want to know more about building, there's a great channel Joshua Bardwell that has indepth knowledge of hardware and software for putting these together :)

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