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By QuadMcFly on Feb 15, 2018

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Got my Rooster in, just starting on the build! Had to get a bit creative to mount the smaller camera, but it seems to work pretty well! Got the motors in, as well as a prototype flight controller. It's all built and should be maidening soon!.



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Trysk   May 07, 2020  

Hi, i'm planning to build a rooster like yours but i have some doubts on the motors. How do the f60 2500kv perform in your build? Do you think lumenier 2407 2550kv can perform better? Thanks.

QuadMcFly   May 15, 2020 

2407 2550kv are going to be monster motors. Thats a lot of weight and a lot of current draw. Personally I prefer a bit lighter motor. he F60 are already pretty dang powerful on this setup. No complaints at all, and super smooth. This was on that setup lat year:

Trysk   May 15, 2020 


KuzyaTron   Mar 31, 2018  

Great looking build, got a quick question if you don't mind. How did you wire the Aikon 4-in-1 ESC to Matek FC? I'm doing a similar build. Thanks!

QuadMcFly   Apr 09, 2018 

Hey man, I actually ended up using an Aikon prototype FC on this one and it just has the wiring harness to go between the two. There should be a harness for the Matek as well though, depending on which one you use.

KuzyaTron   Apr 09, 2018 


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