Strix Screech

By QuadMcFly on Apr 15, 2018

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Got the build finished finally! Had a mishap along the way thanks to grabbing the esc cable from the wrong flight controller. Noob mistake cost me a FC and 4-in-1. I managed to repair the flight controller by replacing the main MCU. Should be able maiden this week once the weather clears up.



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SpikeDiesel   Feb 14, 2019  

Hey man, we chatted on YT about how you broke an arm right away on this, and just saw Oscar Liangs build write up, looks like you might have mounted your arms different than recommended, maybe the cause of your easy break. ;) they mount either way, 1 way is for bottom mount strap.

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QuadMcFly   Feb 21, 2019 

Also looking at it, looks like they realized their issue, the design has changed significantly since the version I have.

SpikeDiesel   Feb 21, 2019 

Ah ok, your right is saw a post by rmrc on youtube buid vid that said frsme changed 2 months ago, I just bought my 2 so no worries I guess. Hey also I couldn't wait on you to review the emax ecos so I bought I flight xings  for this build 2206 2750, man the grey and red, too sexy lol

QuadMcFly   Feb 23, 2019 

ah yeah those Xing are really nice. i did just publish the review on the Eco as well, I dont think youll regret yiur choice. Eco are good for the price, but the Xing are a good deal more powerful. probably better for more experienced pilots.

ricardovasc   Apr 18, 2018  

What can you say about this motor model?

QuadMcFly   Sep 05, 2018 

Hey sorry, somehow I just saw this. These are pretty solid, no complaints. You can read my full write-up here:

Randol_8o8   Apr 19, 2018  

wheres that red gopro mount from? did you print it yourself?

QuadMcFly   Apr 24, 2018 

From Brain3D. He does amazing work!

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