By kwong on Jan 28, 2018

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This frame was my early design, inspired by a few other frames on the market with my own twist - Dead Cat style.

Only one was made for testing, originally designed for AIO micro camera, recently I modified the design to accommodate separate camera/VTX to allow higher camera tilt angle (20, then 30 degree) in the very limited space.

Performace was underwhelming until I discovered Gemfan 2540 props, thus the high tilt (for a micro).

I've made the design files available on Thingiverse, if you're interested you can grab them and make your own, or purchase the carbon plates from the link below (you will still need 3D printed parts and hardware though).

Since 2.5" mciros are so much fun I'm designing updated versions for use with 19mm micro cameras, also slightly bigger one for Split Mini (because micro HD footage obsession lol), stay tuned.

FLight footage:



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dnormous   Jan 28, 2018  

Looks awesome! I'm also super interested in a 2-3" and getting HD footage. Did you have a shop cut your frame design? Expensive?

kwong   Jan 28, 2018 


Split mini on 2.5" is still on conceptual phase, squeezing 4-5 boards in a micro is difficult and I hate thick quads, low profile FTW!
Before that I think I would go design a updated 2.5" to accommodate 19mm micro cam, then on top of that develop a Split Mini variant.

I used to order custom cut CF from China but now I use Armattan Productions, cost is very reasonable and same Armattan quality, only downside is the design approval wait period plus production lead time.

BTW, 3" HD is here: (a big one though)

kwong   Feb 06, 2018 

in case you didn't see it, pls check this:

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