Nano "Prop Killer" Shark

By MicroManiac on Feb 01, 2018

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If a Babyshark and Tinyshark had a baby... So adorable hahaha
My new favorite indoor Acro flyer! Destroyed the Rakon props on maiden and swapped for TBS x TW props. Flight time is around 4 minutes with a 260mah Whoop stick and a little over 6 with a GNB 450 1S.



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JasonFPV0   Sep 14, 2019  


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MicroManiac   Sep 19, 2019 

That frame is very tiny! Sorry for the late response, been out all summer. Did you ever build out your custom TWR? Noticed you sent a message back in July which appears to have been deleted. Let me know how I can assist.

JasonFPV0   Sep 22, 2019 

Lol, yeah. Thats ok. I did get that little thing working, and man it actually flew better than expected with quad blades on it. I was going to ask you about motor choices but I got it all figured out. Sadly, after only my first few flights today one of the motor wires pulled out; I'm trying to get a replacement from TW but idk... Theres a few pictures on here from my phone, I'll get some nice ones and make a small build log when its totally done.

MicroManiac   Oct 17, 2019 


dwhacks   Feb 04, 2018  

Beautiful! This is exactly what I need for some excitement this winter!

Jodie Froster   Feb 02, 2018  

Killer build! How does she fly? Lets see some dvr!!!!!

MicroManiac   Feb 02, 2018 

Thank you! Beast of an indoor nano. Don't usually fly Acro in the small house but, feel more comfortable flying Acro in this rig. Swapping out the cam and will be posting the maiden LOS DVR shortly.

crepitus   Feb 03, 2018 

I also love it and wanna see some DVR

FlyingSquirrelFPV   Feb 01, 2018  

Sweet! What frame is that?

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FlyingSquirrelFPV   Feb 02, 2018 

Thanks! Dont have money in the budget for that right now.

MicroManiac   Feb 02, 2018 

Good luck!

FlyingSquirrelFPV   Feb 02, 2018 


Goose7   Feb 01, 2018  

Hey MicroManiac beautiful little quad. couple questions:
What size is the frame?
And do you know when it will be released?
Thanks in advance.

MicroManiac   Feb 01, 2018 

Thank you! It's about 80mm MTM and 1.5mm thick. LAZD's still making revisions last we spoke, he's adding mounting slots to accept a variety of 06xx/07xx motors. I had to file the two inner holes to mount the 0603's.

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