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deks started an In-Progress Build   11 days ago  
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A backup for my 2.5" bullshark. Essentially identical components as that build, but the frame is much roomier and I think has more options for stuff like comfortably mounting an axii, or double buzzers, or possible an 808 cam, etc. Also a bit more cam protection than the bullshark, and not stretched (props are much less prominent in the feed). Build differences compared to the bullshark so far: Wired up the current sensor. Interested to try that out. Very interested to see the difference in current draw between different props (2" vs. 2.5", gemfan flash vs. rotorx quadblade vs. rotorx biblade, etc.). Used connector on FC side for ESC motor signal wires. Did the wire splices. That was a little annoying, but it sure cleans up the build. Planned for the future: LEDs? Maybe under the backpack? HD keep reading..

deks started an In-Progress Build   Aug 22, 2017  

Note: the acrobee "full" kit is $120 and includes everything, though only comes w/ 4 batteries. There are cheapest ways to build a whoop (in particular, the "stingerpod" cam is quite pricey), but this is a nice kit for a beginner, as I was. Motors Silver (0615 14,800 kv) is well suited to my tiny apartment. Black (17,400 kv) is tons of fun in larger indoor spaces. Haven't tried gold yet (19,700 kv). Flight times With black motors and batteries charged to 4.2V: ~3:30 of indoor flying brings the batteries to ~3.7V. Still working out times when using HV batteries. Charging to 4.30V (a bit short of full HV 4.35V), I get about another minute (~4:30). FPV cam sturdiness I was worried about the whip antenna breaking, since upside-down crashes typically bend it back. I tried reinforcing it with hot keep reading..


deks started a Mockup   15 days ago  

Too tempting! I already had: spare vm275t cams (picked up during an ReadyMadeRC flatspin sale for $8 a pop, woot) loads of GemFan 2035 BN quadblades for my bigger 2" 3S micro a dozen 250mah 1S HV batteries for my whoop So I just need a frame, some motors, and that adorable tinypepper stack to jump on that 1S brushless bandwagon. Cheaping out: Boldclash makes the real deal fishpepper stuff at the cheapest I've seen at $25, and they have free shipping from the US! (The FC+ESC is $38 from RTFQ, $40 from GetFPV, $42 from Airblade.) Boldclash also has an "F01" cam+vtx combo that looks like the same deal as the vm275t AIO, but cheaper than any other place I've seen at $16 (other than the RMRC flatspin, of course O:-). Getting 4 of the Racerstars lowers the price to $8.32 per, so it's $33.28 keep reading..

deks started a Mockup   15 days ago  

cheapest version

deks started a Mockup   15 days ago  
deks started a Mockup   Aug 20, 2017  

a 3", HD-recording quad on the fence: fc: leaning towards the nano over CLRacing F4 (5V BEC is 1.5A v. 1.2A and is filtered, flash instead of SD card, has barometer, F3 vs. F4) vtx: tramp is only ~1g heavier than atx03, probably better QC, and has smartaudio. bigger than the eachine though. props: explore options not actually available yet: frame: waiting for 3" eclair cam: waiting for split v2 RX: FrSky R-XSR. small, light, has all the features. FC: new version of CLRacing F4 coming soon, maybe supports Split better? TODO: does the omnibus support smartaudio?

deks started a Mockup   Jul 19, 2017  

First mini quad build. Goals Learn how to build a quad. Learn how to fly it. Do some freestyle/acro. Priorities (relatively) quiet: 6" long(er) flight times: bigger battery, efficient motors crashability (unibody may be suboptimal, but lifetime warranty is handy) features. I'd like to play with All The Features so I can figure out what I like. Hence the FC with current sensor and OSD, the Tramp that can be configured via OSD and also have an audio-in, and FrSky Rx with telemetry. Eagle 2 for dynamic range and 16:9 aspect ratio to the Aomway Commander (once they're in stock again, grr). Tramp and not Unify because it's SmartAudio-like thing is separate from the audio-in (so I can get audio from the quad) and it's smaller compared to the Unify's that run off vbat. TODO Find Chameleon top plate keep reading..

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