2" 2S babyshark: ready to crash

By deks on Mar 02, 2018

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Built a 1S tinyshark and then immediately wanted a lightweight 2S for more acro power.

This guy is lots of fun. He crashes well. I think the prop guards help save the not-super-robest racerstar motors from a fair bit of trauma. Though it does feel more agile without the guards.

Cons: I really don't like the micro cmos camera, and the version of the cam i have extends past the canopy by quite a bit unfortunately. I've shifted focus with a frontal crash already. Using an unsightly glob of hot glue as a bumper at the moment. I shelled out for the runcam nano hoping for better video - waiting for that to arrive, not sure if it'll fit the canopy.

Thinking about using the fullspeed baby16 2S stack in this guy (losing telemetry, gaining OSD) and moving the 1S-2S capable tinyfish+star6+pololu stack to the tinyshark, to make it 2S-capable.

PIDs that work:
roll: 30, 40, 27
pitch: 40, 50, 32
yaw: 70, 45
4k/4k, dynamic filtering, PT1, both gyro notches off


  • replace tinyfish + racerstar + pololu stack w/ fullspeed baby16 FC+ESC and micro frsky rx. Loses telemetry, but gains OSD. Becomes 2S only.
  • try runcam nano for better light handling, low light?
  • design new pod with more camera protection. maybe that can fit AIO cams.



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UpMostBeast FPV   May 25, 2018  

The FSD-tx200 seems to fit pretty tight. do you have problems with overheating?

deks   May 25, 2018 

Yeah, it was tight but I don't think I had issues with heat. Though I've since redone this build to use a custom pod: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/11346 (i need to finish the write-up, so it's still a mockup at the moment)

That pod is designed for use with a micro AIO whoop-style cam+vtx, like the cm/vm275t or the LST-S2 Shinehalo camera, because I found that those cameras actually had better image quality than the cheap banggood camera that the babyshark pod is designed around. You do lose the ability to do 200mw, though.

UpMostBeast FPV   May 25, 2018 

Wow that pod looks awesome!

Nolanfeatherstun   Mar 06, 2018  

I love how it gained prop gaurds only after you rammed it into yourself 😂and the squirrel was so chill about it

deks   Mar 07, 2018 

lol, that was not a mindful editing choice, but funny now that you mention it :P yeah, was surprised that the squirrel seemed interested and not freaked out

Krillfpv   Mar 03, 2018  

Hes done it! Great to see the build together after we hyped about so much in slack😂 get that 2s tiny in the air my man!

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