2" 1S tinyshark: cutest fly-anywhere quad ever

By deks on Jan 07, 2018

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Too tempting! I already had:

  • a spare vm275t cam (picked up during an ReadyMadeRC flatspin sale for $8 a pop, woot)
  • loads of GemFan 2035 BN quadblades for my bigger 2" 3S micro
  • a dozen 250mah 1S HV batteries for my whoop

So I just need a frame, some motors, and that adorable tinypepper stack to jump on the 1S brushless bandwagon.

How's it fly?

This thing definitely has way more oomph than any whoop. However, while the Eachine Aurora propguards do give me more comfort flying indoors and around people, they noticeably degrade flight performance on 1S :-(. I am a little disappointed that I'm not able to pull off more acro with this little guy, but I guess that's 1S for you.

How's it fly... on 2S?

I loved the quietness, inconspicuousness, and agility of such a small and light quad (especially compared to my larger 2.5" 3S builds), but I wanted a more power. Long story short, I built a 2S babyshark, then a 2S pepperfiish, and then liked those enough to convert my tinyshark to 2S as well. I'm hoping it'll strike a good balance of weight (babyshark a bit heavy, pepperfiish so light it gets blown around a lot outdoros), flight time (babyshark really short, pepperfiish just goes on and on), power (both babyshark and pepperfiish have a satisfying amount of power), and strength (babyshark is made to crash, pepperfiish feels really flimsy)..

So, I replaced the tinypepper 1S-only ESC with a Racerstar Star6, added a Pololu to power the cam+vtx, and also switched to the old-style slightly smaller and lighter Racerstar 1103 10k kv motors.

Will report back once the rain stops!

Cheaping out

  • Boldclash makes the real deal fishpepper stuff at the cheapest I've seen at $25, and they have free shipping from the US! (The FC+ESC is $38 from RTFQ, $40 from GetFPV, $42 from Airblade.)
  • Boldclash also has an "F01" cam+vtx combo that looks like the same deal as the vm275t AIO, but cheaper than any other place I've seen at $16 (other than the RMRC flatspin, of course O:-).
  • Getting 4 of the Racerstars lowers the price to $8.32 per, so it's $33.28 for 4 motors. That's $1.29 more than $31.99 for the purple set of 4, but that's totally worth it for pink. Plus I got enough spares to bring the cost for 4 down to $32.76. I guess that's how they getcha.



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soggyfrenchfries   Dec 02, 2017  

Should be able to throw Led's on this thing I run one of these on my 1s brushed http://bit.ly/2i9w5VD that will get you a buzzer and led in one package

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