2" 3S atom mini: it burned too bright

By deks on Oct 29, 2017

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This was a tough build.

I had trouble fitting the camera since it's so close to the stack. If you want to tilt it much, the connector on the camera starts hitting the electronics stack, so you need to keep the stack pretty darn low. Also, the frame doesn't come with any way to mount the camera. I used this 3D-printed mount. You should probably use TPU. The mount fits around the lens barrel, so you need to either cut through the bottom, or unscrew the lens and reassemble the camera after threading the lens through the mount. With PLA, you need to unscrew the lens, and it was tough getting it secure and in focus.

I think something about the compactness of the frame, or maybe the deadcat geometry, made the motors/props sound louder.

This guy was a lot of fun, though I ended up breaking an arm :'(. It was a light crash on grass, but it had been through many hard crashes as well.



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baevans11   Nov 02, 2017  

What camera mount did you use? Im going to be using a sparrow but the dimensions are basically the same as the swift micro. Ive searched and cant find a mount.

deks   Nov 02, 2017 

I'm pretty sure it was this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2291759

I think it was the 'ATOM_v3_Micro_Swift_Mount_28Degrees.stl' variant.

I had trouble getting a good fit with it, and it was fiddly getting the lens in focus, but I only had PLA available to me. It's designed for TPU, and I think that would work much better.

Good luck!

FissionBomb   Aug 24, 2017  

1104 are much heavier than 1103 so that's something to consider. I would abandon those HQ props. Not worth the money.

I don't recommend a mic and a buzzer. Gunna be LOUD.

850mah is a little big for a 2 inch.

any benefit of canopy over top plate aside from looks? - Keeps the internals a little cleaner. Not much.

is it possible to throw a runcam 2 or mobius mini on top plate? Possible but flight becomes more difficult. That's a lot of grams for a 2 inch to lift. You may be able to get away with a decased Matecam808

deks   Aug 24, 2017 

Ah, hadn't considered 1103. Looks like I could save 6.8g total. Seems like the loss of thrust would result in worse thrust:weight overall, though?

I hadn't really heard anything about the HQ props... until now - thanks! Seems like everyone likes the Gemfan 2x3.5x4's - are there any other good 2" props to try?

I looked into the 808 a little - seems like the image quality is pretty poor, though. That was mostly a note to look into removing the case and/or battery on those other HD cams.


FissionBomb   Aug 25, 2017 

You can actually FEEL the weight difference between the 1103 and 1104 in your hand and SEE the difference when placed on the arm of a quad.

The Racerstar Quad props aren't terrible and the Eachine Lizard Pentablades move that machine well.

808 footage isn't the best but when it comes to micro recording cams it's tops. Those SQ11 cube types are all the same and unreliable.

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