Noisey Cricket MK2

By acromode on Feb 07, 2018

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I feel like I've made enough changes to repost this one.

I swapped several motors and many prop combinations before settling on this. I found the brotherhobby 1407 line too noisey, the f20 is silky smooth by comparison.

I tried maybe 10 props in the 3" line before landing on the xrotors. Anything higher than 3040 is a little too amp heavy and some of the lower pitch options are quite heavy (I'm looking at you luminier 3040).

When this was running the 1407 4100 BH and gemfan 3052 flashes it was like a bolt of lightening but voltage sag was out of control and all the noise made tuning out prop wash difficult.

I also replaced the sparrow with a swift and relocated the 5v bec.

Also switched over to an frsky rx and rerouted the antennas. I like them much more like this. Also swapped over for a smaller uf cap.

Check out my original Noisey Cricket build if you are Interested in the comparison.



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The Quadfather   Feb 08, 2018  

can you link to the first build?

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