By TaterrsFPV on Mar 28, 2018

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Just another TRANSTEC FROG build. I can see why so many folks like this frame. Cant wait to get her in the air!! Thanks for viewing.



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atRC   Mar 24, 2019  

could u please link the leds?

howboutthatFPV   Sep 27, 2018  

does the camera come with an adapter or does it fit in the mount

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howboutthatFPV   Sep 27, 2018 

ok good im buildidng a martian right now myself and was wondering if i would need to 3d print a part

TaterrsFPV   Sep 27, 2018 

Awesome GL w/ the build:)

howboutthatFPV   Sep 27, 2018 

thx ill be posting it on rotor builds

Whiffles   Mar 28, 2018  

That battery lead is so long. You can probably take it down to 33% the current length and still be fine.

TaterrsFPV   Mar 29, 2018 

Thanks so much I will tinker around on that:)

emperorsgroove   Apr 14, 2018 

Battery leads on my frog are super long, too. Forces me to mount the battery with the leads facing forward then wrap them backwards to make use of the extra long leads I soldered to the FC. I was actually thinking today that I should make them shorter.

This quad is my first with a bottom mounted battery.

Is there anything potentially wrong or dangerous with the way I did it?

Whiffles   Apr 14, 2018 

I just like to keep them short to reduce the slack. The more slack the more chance it can get cut by the props.

Currently   Mar 28, 2018  

Whats that black insulation where the motor wires touch the esc?

Whiffles   Mar 28, 2018  

Where did you get the race version of that frame? I thought they stopped making it.

TaterrsFPV   Mar 29, 2018 

Hey Whiffles,
I purchased it from UndergroundFPV. It was the last one they had and it was just before Chinese New Year that I ordered it. Since then they have had no more in stock.

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