Chopped ZMR250

By roach374 on Aug 28, 2015

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Inspired by Daryoon's build at RCGroups

Part List


FPVHQ | Your FPV Headquarters (2 builds)

Flight Controller

Afro Mini 32


4 x KISS ESC 2-4S 18A v1.1


4 x SunnySky X2204S KV2300 II Brushless Motor (8 builds)


2 x FPVHQ | Your FPV Headquarters

FPV Camera

Foxeer HS1177 XAT600M DC5V-22V 600tvl Sony Super HAD CCD FPV Camera (71 builds)


AOMWAY 5.8G 3dBi RP-SMA Male Four Lobe RHCP VTx/VRx FPV Antenna (59 builds)


FrSky X4R-SB - 3/16 Channel Receiver w/ SBUS (52 builds)


Lumenier 1300mAh 4s 60c Lipo Battery (XT60) (5 builds)

Misc Parts

5V 500mA Step-Down Voltage Regulator Pololu D24V6F5 (2 builds)
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boostdd   Aug 29, 2015  

Brave man using Kiss ESCs, too many horror stories with them catching fire. No thanks! I hope that doesn't happen to yours.

That Daryoon's build is so sexy!!!

roach374   Aug 30, 2015 

Yeah, people talk about solder balls on the boards. I clean mine up, but I've used them before with no problem. I guess everyone's experience is different. I might try some sn20A/BLHeli on my next build, or ZTW Spiders, but this PDB is sort of optimized for KISS ESCs, and I'm lazy ;-)

Whiffles   Aug 28, 2015  

I like those lobe antennas. I haven't seen those before. How do they perform for you? Oh, BTW we use Markdown for the comments and descriptions, so you can clean up the RCGroups link with this format: [Link Text](URL)

roach374   Aug 28, 2015 

They're still in the mail (from China), so I'll let you know. I was looking for some RHCP, RP-SMA antennas, to fit the weird little VTx (since it comes with these big honking ping-pong ball antennas that are just too big and unwieldy). They're surprisingly hard to come by.

Whiffles   Aug 28, 2015 

Sounds good, looking forward to seeing some photos once you've got it together.

roach374   Aug 28, 2015  

This BOM doesn't include spares (batteries, props, escs, motors, etc), and doesn't include all the various extra hardware you'll need for the customization.

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