KRD HD25 - Runcam Split Mini Dedicated 2.5" Quad (Proto)

By kwong on Apr 12, 2018

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Frame design at Beta stage that might need improvements and re-design. Here's some design background:

Basic "Sphinx of Giza" design is inherited from the bigger brother, True X, top battery, Split(Mini) and no props video, mixed with cage construction which is quite popular recently.

Challenge is that the new Split Mini has a two story stack, which needs to be separated with FC/ESC to keep the profile low, resulting the fore-alt layout. Gyro may not be in center of thrust but with modern technology, flight controller doesn't care much, while I'm at it I might just add extra set of holes to accommodate HGLRC Zeus, also giving it the butt shaped rear end.

Due to raised edges of the cage, securing battery with velcro might not be a viable option, thus the angled battery end stop portion. A top plate is added since the cage could twist/bend but I didn't want one extra standoff in the middle.

Standoffs are already a bit too many since I was thinking every interface slot needs to be squeezed to be secure, plus 2 around the lens for extra protection, bad things WILL happen when top battery mixed with elevated lens, don't ask how I know... as the gentlemen at facebook pointed out I might just take the advice and remove some of them.



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UloPe   May 27, 2018  

This looks very nice! Would you consider doing a V2 which has a completely flat back, so the battery could hang over if need be?

kwong   May 27, 2018 

Thanks, yes the battery stop feature will probably be gone in the proper version, I figured silicone pad and/or velcro are thick enough to touch the battery, so the stopper are no longer necessay.

BTW, here is a new test flight footage

DEinDEad   Apr 12, 2018  

I want this frame sooooo bad.

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TeamWolfFPV   Apr 27, 2018 

Were you able to maiden? What do you think? I'm interested in exploring this frame!

kwong   Apr 28, 2018 

attemped to maiden last week, Split power input connected to battery pads - unflyable noise, don't have suitable caps so I moved the power leads to FC video 5V pads

split refuse to power up from USB power, which is normal, surprusingly, neither 2S :(
with 3S packs seems working normally, but my current 3S packs are too big, need to pick up some from LHS

kwong   May 01, 2018 

Today I went flying with my friend, this is a new spot he found so we bring some micros to try out the place.
Flew few packs on a 1.9" micro and I tried this out, I guess this is not maiden...yet? If it's the usual riverbank I fly I would do some tricks.

needs some tune on the roll axis
the trees got so many ghost branches so I was very conservative at the throttle, didn't really test out power but I think it's adequate for general fun flying, I would say definitely not racing material

shuttereye   Apr 26, 2018  

Could you stretch the top plate and elevate where it fits into the side rails (while lowering the back 'standoff') It's really nice to have a solid top plate for a battery so you don't worry about messing up a battery with a failed flip ;)

kwong   Apr 26, 2018 

did you mean the tabs?

if I'm redrawing the frame I will omit 2 standoffs in front/rear of battery tray, and raise up the lower ones to spread the force needed to hold the plates, while reducing weight, also slightly lengthen the top that the butt is more upright shaped

not too sure about how to not ruin the bacttery when crashed upside down, in fact I did crash battery down when I flew another micro, from height like 3 story tall, the battery dented a bit at the corner but still very flayable, but FC and a motor died lol

Whiffles   Apr 25, 2018  

I really like this concept. Do you have any footage from the Split to share?

kwong   Apr 26, 2018 

attempted to maiden in the last weekend...... split mini was not playing nice, connected directly to vbat for power, virtually un flyable noise when I throttle up :(

need to partially rebuild and maiden again

Whiffles   Apr 26, 2018 

Did you add a capacitor?

kwong   Apr 26, 2018 

nope, didn't add one, I guess I will just put power back into FC 5v pads

did that with Split 2 on Asgard FC, not the best image but at least I'm confident to fly

7uvoK   Apr 12, 2018  

I like where you're going with this!

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