Raisin Cane ( Aurora 4'' )

By UnderDawg on May 13, 2018

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I've been wanting to build another 4'' for some time, and when Space One put the Aurora on sell... I just had to build this sexy frame.

The first thing I did was order a TPU cam mount and drop the top to 20mm. It's a little tight but everything fit like a glove. I then added the BH 1507's to help keep the weight down and the power up on the 5mm frame. AT 178g's dry she still gets around the park with ease. I know I could get the weight down even more if that was my goal.

The Spedix F4 stack has been running flawlessly and my only complaint is with configuring the VTX....I think I'm still on 25mw. Lol

Anyways I hope y'all like the build. I enjoyed building it and think she turned out clean.


Part List


Aurora 4" X

Flight Controller

Spedix IS100 Fly Tower 20x20 Stack - F4 FC, 20a ESC, VTX


4 x BrotherHobby Avenger 1507 2800KV 3600KV 4100KV 3-4S Brushless Motor for RC FPV Racing Drone (9 builds)


Gemfan 4052 Flash 4" Tri Blade Prop - CHOOSE YOUR COLOR (7 builds)

FPV Camera

Runcam Micro Sparrow 2 FPV Camera - 4:3 2.1mm Lens (22 builds)


FRSKY XM+ Receiver - SBUS (765 builds)

Misc Parts

Great3d.com (2 builds)
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Apeian   May 21, 2018  

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...UnderDawg is one of the best builders by far.. ;)
Another great build bud...the purple looks great!

UnderDawg   May 21, 2018 

Hahahaha!! Thanks man.. How's that green hex doing?

Apeian   May 23, 2018 

Uploaded an HD youtube video from it :). The FireFly Q6 is a great little cam....

UnderDawg   May 24, 2018 

Cool!! Glad to see she's still up in the air..

Taterrs   May 17, 2018  

Another great build, BTW were down south are you?? Born and raised in Georgia myself!!

UnderDawg   May 17, 2018 

Thanks! Yeah, I'm down here..... sitting on the banks of Ole Man River..

Taterrs   May 17, 2018 

Nice!! Any good Fishing??

UnderDawg   May 17, 2018 

Yep!! you bet..

Sasquads   May 15, 2018  

Damn that looks good in purple.

UnderDawg   May 16, 2018 


Whiffles   May 14, 2018  

How do you like the Sparrow 2? I like the colors and FOV, but it's not as vibrant as the Caddx SDR1.

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Whiffles   May 15, 2018 

Which Foxeer?

UnderDawg   May 15, 2018 

Truthfully? For the money I like the Foxeer Arrow Mini. I'll be trying a Predator out on my next build though....

Whiffles   May 15, 2018 

I've really been enjoying the modern CMOS cameras. They particularly shine on the HDOs.

TeamWolf   May 14, 2018  

Love all the purples!

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