XHover Win 2 Micro

By cullentonry on Apr 30, 2018

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Super clean and effective build for a micro with WAY more power than any of those brushed quads and not insanely powerful or uncontrollable like some of it's larger brothers and sisters. :)


Part List


Xhover Win 2 Micro 2" Quadcopter (5 builds)

Flight Controller



4 x XH1106-6300kv Micro Motor (3 builds)


HQProp DP 1.9x3x3 Choose Color

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Sparrow 2.3mm lens (66 builds)

FPV Transmitter

RunCam TX200U Video Transmitter with BFCMS Control


DSMX Quad Race Serial Receiver with Diversity


2 x Tattu 450mAh 11.1V 45C 3S1P Lipo Battery Pack (JST-SYP) (2 builds)
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BigD-FPV   Jul 18, 2019  

How is the 2" with those motors? Are you happy with it's performance?

cullentonry   Jul 18, 2019 

The motors were getting way too hot for my taste... I've since benched this one and used the guts with some BH 1106 5100KV on the 3" Mini Mach 1 here: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/16067

cullentonry   May 08, 2018  

Avan props and ready to go fly... Motors get a little warm, but not too bad on these...

emorf fpv   May 01, 2018  

really nice, have you a video?

cullentonry   May 08, 2018 

Actually had some trouble trying to get video and realized that the VTX was not "unlocked." Range was about 10 feet before it went all fuzzy... After unlocking it to 200mW the video was much clearer; but by then... I forgot to record... Ill update when i get some footage...

FissionBomb   May 01, 2018  

Check out some different props. GF2035 or 2040 are incredible for 2 inch.

cullentonry   May 02, 2018 

l give them a try.
Im about to try out a set of emax 2" micro Avan... They look a little aggressive for my motors, but will report back.

FissionBomb   May 02, 2018 

I've tried the Avan too. They work but you need extra throttle in the corners. They're insanely durable vs everything else.

Whiffles   Apr 30, 2018  

I've been looking at this frame. My only concern is the exposed camera.

cullentonry   Apr 30, 2018 

I havent had any issues with it yet... And I am in no way the best pilot. Maybe just me, but I think any crashes tend to hit the arms and props before the camera.

Whiffles   Apr 30, 2018 

Good point, it is fairly well protected horizontally.

leigerreign   Apr 30, 2018 

Look at my build with the canopy. The canopy gives you all the protection you could ask for. I really like this frame.

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