By Drones_Brigade on May 18, 2018

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Built around the BMC3D Extruder frame, this quad's weight and size makes an ideal build for the ultimate all around quad. Having it top mount with an HD cam and still having a compact size is another plus for me. The design features make this frame a pleasure to build. Having press nuts on the bottom plate means less hardware to worry about and a much shorter height. Being able to have a stack that is 3 tall and still have a neat and compact build is a plus for me. AUW with HD cam and 5s 1300 lipo only comes out to 612g. Thats a very reasonable weight to have while flying fully loaded on this rig.



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Indy   Jun 16, 2018  

very clean buid!!! it seems you have an amazing collection.. :)
I'm looking forward we could one day get rid of those ridiculously huge Gopro cameras :D Your beautiful builds don't deserve that :)

Drones_Brigade   Jun 20, 2018 

you and me both . i wish runcam would hurry up with their solution. As of right now, i did smash that gopro session along with a 5s battery during a bad powerloop into the concrete. luckily, i had the bestbuy warranty but they could only replace it with a hero 5 black which is 40g heavier and is as ugly as sin.

Jodie Froster   May 19, 2018  

So how come you're not worried about your FC breaking if you chuck a battery?

Drones_Brigade   May 20, 2018 

You mean like ripping off the pig tail from the 4 in 1? If that's what you mean then yea I kinda do worry about it, I might add a zip tie for strain relief to take some of the stress if the battery gets chucked out.

thumbtwiddler   May 18, 2018  

how do those props feel? i've been curious because of that weird lookin airfoil

(btw awesome build im loving it)

Drones_Brigade   May 18, 2018 

pretty powerful and reasonably efficient i have them on a couple of builds

Drones_Brigade   May 18, 2018 

pretty powerful and reasonably efficient i have them on a couple of builds

Drones_Brigade   May 18, 2018 

$3 a set you should try them out

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