Bangarang 3 with Split mini

By franjo.zilic on May 31, 2018

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SabotageRC Bangarang 3" - with RunCam Split mini

Very tight and not easy build, but it is feasible to squeeze all these components in such a tiny frame.
Only minor frame modification was needed, extending standoffs by 2mm with a single M3 nut.

It flies great after tunning by a decent pilot. Props are in the view of RunCam Split, so it is not a build for someone who doesn't like this.

This is one of it's flights after tunning

Note: It is running RaceKraft 3041 quad blades in this flight.



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b00j   Oct 11, 2018  

I'm hoping my foxxer predator micro v3 fits in this :\

franjo.zilic   Oct 14, 2018 

Check dimensions for runcam eagle, but predator micro sould be the same as eagle micro.

Whiffles   Jun 04, 2018  

How tall are your standoffs? I'm trying to determine if a Split mini will fit between 20mm standoffs.

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franjo.zilic   Jun 04, 2018 

Yeah, I have checked right now, Split mini camera fits in this frame just because standoffs are on 3mm tick arms, and the frame has a cutout for a camera.

Whiffles   Jun 04, 2018 

Okay, so only 20mm might not be enough space?

franjo.zilic   Jun 04, 2018 

That's right. Sorry to say so.
Camera is a bit long and you will not have enough tilt options with only 20mm of vertical space :(

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