Bangarang 3 with Split mini

By franjo.zilic on May 31, 2018

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SabotageRC Bangarang 3" - with RunCam Split mini

Very tight and not easy build, but it is feasible to squeeze all these components in such a tiny frame.
Only minor frame modification was needed, extending standoffs by 2mm with a single M3 nut.

It flies great after tunning by a decent pilot. Props are in the view of RunCam Split, so it is not a build for someone who doesn't like this.

This is one of it's flights after tunning

Note: It is running RaceKraft 3041 quad blades in this flight.



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Whiffles   14 days ago  

How tall are your standoffs? I'm trying to determine if a Split mini will fit between 20mm standoffs.

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franjo.zilic   14 days ago 

Yeah, I have checked right now, Split mini camera fits in this frame just because standoffs are on 3mm tick arms, and the frame has a cutout for a camera.

Whiffles   14 days ago 

Okay, so only 20mm might not be enough space?

franjo.zilic   14 days ago 

That's right. Sorry to say so.
Camera is a bit long and you will not have enough tilt options with only 20mm of vertical space :(

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