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By lot on Sep 01, 2015

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Flone, a flying platform to fly smartphones.
Flone is a design of a frame for digital fabrication, specially laser cutters.
The basic material to build is 5mm plywood, but you can try more advanced plastics like Delryn / Acetal.

Flone can be controlled by standard radio control (like the rest of the quadcopters) without any phone on it, or with a phone for take pictures. Another way to control it is by a Smartphone with Bluetooth / Wifi (In progress). With and without any phone on it too.
Check Android App "Flone Remote" in Google Play.

The smartphone is over two silicone bands for avoid vibrations and secured by two textile rubber bands.


The frame of flone is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA
The code of the app is licensed by GPL v3


Part List


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Flight Controller

Naze32 Flip32 Flight Controller With 32-bit STM32 10Dof


4 x SimonK 10A/20A/30A ESC with BEC For RC Aircraft


4 x EMAX CF2812 1400KV Brushless Motor for RC Model


HobbyKing™ 3-Blade Propeller 6x4.5 Red (CW/CCW) (2pcs)


Turnigy nano-tech 1800mah 3S 25~50C Lipo Pack (2 builds)

Misc Parts

4 x Propeller Adapter (Collet Type) Red 3mm
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fradioflyer   Sep 01, 2015  

Fly smartphones? How/ where do you attach it?

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Whiffles   Sep 03, 2015 

I'm a little unclear of how this works. Your wording implies that it takes the cell phone into the air, but the parts imply that you use the cell phone to fly it over Bluetooth.

lot   Sep 19, 2015 

I hope that now the description explain it better.

Whiffles   Sep 19, 2015 

Interesting, so it uses the phone for photography. Personally, I'd rather send a cheap $70 Xiaomi Yi up over a $500 smartphone. BTW, the last image you upload becomes your cover image, so if you want to get the quad back up there just delete that image and re-upload it.

Whiffles   Sep 01, 2015  

Neat! What frame is that?

lot   Sep 03, 2015 

It's the flone frame :)
I added a image of the stencil for cut-it.

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