DR2 2S Pepperfish

By glen on Jun 14, 2018

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A lightweight 2S pepperfish build using a 1.9g frame and 0.4g camera mount I designed

  • The lightness allows this to be incredibly quiet (especially with the Gemfan 2035s) for park flying
  • The lightness means it will get stuck in the lightest twigs of a tree - I lost two in one week
  • The frame is relatively fragile compared with something like a Hoverbot - impacts into hard objects at full speed will break it
  • Flies great with stock PIDs, both gyro notch filters off, and PT1
  • Little momentum - great at tight agility, bad at carrying velocity



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UpMostBeast FPV   May 25, 2019  

Would you know how this compares to the new toothpick style builds?

deks   Jun 18, 2018  

Ah, I remember this frame. Super light build! Broke mine in the first week though :'(

MaximusFPV   Jun 22, 2018 

yeah that ends up being the trade off. if you're someone that flies in more open spaces, you fly a bit more carefully, or you just odn't crash much (must be nice), then you can usually get away with this kind of thing. But if you're still kinda learning and you like metal and concrete and FULL SENDS, then yeah, it's not gonna live long... even if it's light, ya can't beat physics haha

glen   Jun 22, 2018 

Yeah; I've turned a few of these into spaghetti :)

Am considering trying a 3mm version (should be under 3g) to see how much difference that makes, but I highly recommend the new Hoverbot Vibe if resilience is critical

OldSchoolZero   Jul 03, 2018 

That is a sad little mess :(

Reviewedge   Jul 02, 2018  

Are those motors discontinued?

Reviewedge   Jul 02, 2018  

flight time?

le_vinsky   Jun 20, 2018  

Wow! Smooth flying. Just wow! How much flight time do you get?

glen   Jun 20, 2018 

About three and a half mins on the 300mAH battery

le_vinsky   Jun 20, 2018 

Nice. So I guess a quad this light should go longer on, say, 450mAh pack.

fastjetjockey   Jun 17, 2018  

Whats the weight with a battery included? under 100g?

glen   Jun 17, 2018 

Yep - it's about 45g total with listed battery

fastjetjockey   Jun 17, 2018 

No way! That's amazing. Thanks for putting the build up. Ima have to do it now.

FrostedFPV   Jun 16, 2018  

Does anyone know a similar fc with a flysky reciever instead of a frsky one?

Quadlite   Jun 17, 2018 

Not for flysky, but the fs rx2a pro v1 reciever (for flysky) is under a gram and has a solid 500meter range. Thats what I would use if I built this because I use flysky too. Flysky sucks compared to Frsky though. Ive been considering switching to Frsky instead because they have much better reciever options and fc with built in recievers. Flysky is improving...... but it's still way, way behind.

Quadlite   Jun 16, 2018  

Very impressive weight! I would love to build this.

Indy   Jun 15, 2018  

amazing! 2 grams lighter than the snapper7, and with 1103!!! and in 2S! I'm impressed!

JTS82   Jun 15, 2018  

This cool, I need one. It is also light on the wallet.

Booda3000   Jun 15, 2018  

Too cool!
Would you sell this?

glen   Jun 15, 2018 

Thanks! You can buy the frame (and download the plans) on Armattan and the camera mount on Shapeways, both linked above, but no plans for a BnF :)

semtleggun   Jun 15, 2018  

Is the camera mount included in the frame?

glen   Jun 15, 2018 

It is not - I added a Shapeways link to the camera mount to the build

Whiffles   Jun 15, 2018  

That's a pretty good value for such a well performing rig. How difficult was it to assemble?

glen   Jun 15, 2018 

I've made seven of these now and still find the soldering pretty fiddly - the solder pads on the ESC-FC connections are tiny, everything else is doable with tweezers :)

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