By g2h0 on Oct 14, 2016

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Since winter is around the corner and it will be getting dark earlier I wanted something small enough to fly anywhere and the ability to see better in low light. So far I've been very pleased with my component choices especially the T1 motors and Kombini.



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BenVorFun   Apr 12, 2017  

Can fit in this build a TBS powercube ?

g2h0   Apr 12, 2017 

The frame comes with 30mm standoffs. Im not sure if thats enough space for the cube but I hope that helps.

BenVorFun   Apr 12, 2017 


Whiffles   Oct 16, 2016  

I like the new photos. Using one board really leaves so much empty space in there. Are those 30mm standoffs?

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nwbb   Oct 17, 2016 

I know several people on the chat have Kombini's and not had a problem with them, even more so for piko blx. I've never even heard of their ESCs. I'm invested in the Piggy, hard for that to get messed up.

g2h0   Oct 17, 2016 

From what I can tell they're just rebranded Cicadas with LEDs wired to the top pads so I thought they would be alright. Just got an RMA for it so I'll have to wait and see how that goes. On the other hand I would highly suggest the Piggy and Kombini as they are pretty awesome and haven't given me issues like their RX and ESCs.

nwbb   Oct 17, 2016 

Yep, I got 3 piggy's the day they came out. Kombini is my FC of choice for betaflight builds.

Whiffles   Oct 03, 2016  

Just curious, why choose the Kombini over something like the DTFc? Those motors look pretty nice. I've got the DYS SE1407 3600kv motors on my 3", but if these tornados were available I might have chosen them.

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nwbb   Oct 15, 2016 

No, but the Piggy OSD (which fits nearly flush on the back of the hs1177) has a port to run a single cable to the kombini - super clean. Can still tune the FC via the OSD + rx. So since the piggy sits on the back of the cam and only requires the one cable to the FC, it's pretty close to the omnibus' offering. The only difference is this combo gives you a PDB, as well (with ESCs on arms), giving you one more 'slot' in your stack which would otherwise be taken up by another PDB or a 4-in-1 esc combo. I guess it just comes down to the frame and personal preference.

Whiffles   Oct 15, 2016 

Great info! Have you done any Kombini builds?

nwbb   Oct 15, 2016 

Not yet :( Was planning on building a 130", but @g2h0 took all the work out of it for me lol. Was also thinking about it in place of a KISS setup for my Garudas that are gathering dust on my workbench. I wanted a pdb + fc combo, and then the piggy was announced and I was sold. Just wish it had onboard flash for blackbox, but that's not a big deal.

nwbb   Oct 15, 2016  

Awesome build! You read my mind for a 3"!

Whiffles   Oct 14, 2016  

Looks great, need more pics though!

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