UBQ 180

By 36Ophiuchi on Sep 05, 2015

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After building up my electrohub and trying to fly it in my driveway I realized that it was entirely too much aircraft for the space I had at my disposal. I wanted something smaller than the electrohub, but with more power and tweak-ability than my hubsan or aries.


Part List


UBQ 180 200 unibody quadcopter
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Flight Controller

Hobbypower CC3D Openpilot Self-stabilizing Flight Controller 32Bit for Mini 250 Quadcopter + 1 Hobbypower strap (3 builds)


4 x 18A Spider Lite Series ESC SIMONK-(RAPIDESC) (2 builds)


2 x Emax PM1306-2800Kv Brushless Multi-Rotor Motor Set (CW/CW)


4 x FPVHQ | Your FPV Headquarters


Lemon Satellite Receiver DSMX (4 builds)


2 x ZIPPY Compact 1000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack (2 builds)

Power Distribution

Mini Power Distribution Board 2oz copper (35x35) (2 builds)

Misc Parts

Male XT60 Plus 12 Awg Wire (2 builds)

Misc Parts

RTF 1v-17v Adjustable Voltage Regulator (4 builds)
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36Ophiuchi   Oct 23, 2015  

Sorted out my solders and switched from OpenPilot to Tau Labs and now I am in business. Getting about 8 minutes of flight on a 1Ah 3s battery. Don't know what I was thinking trying to run this thing on puny 2s cells. It really zips around on 3s. Life is good.

Whiffles   Oct 23, 2015 

Looks great! And 8 minutes isn't bad, but you don't have any cameras on there yet do you?

36Ophiuchi   Oct 25, 2015 

thanks! no cameras yet. going to have to save up my pennies before I spend any more on this guy. just working on my LOS flying for now.

Whiffles   Oct 15, 2015  

I just saw your latest photo, looks great! How does it fly?

36Ophiuchi   Oct 15, 2015 

Great! Until it plummets to it's doom. I got something going on that is causing all motors to stop suddenly and without warning. I did a touch up pass on my solders and fixed a few things in my cc3d's config. so here's hoping I've fixed it. Way more power with the 3s!

Whiffles   Oct 15, 2015 

Does CC3D do logging? I know APM has a log to check for brownouts and the such.

36Ophiuchi   Oct 23, 2015 

CC3D doesn't have built in logging that I know of. I ended up touching up a bunch of ESC/motor wire solders and then hot gluing the motor wire solders to keep the wimpy wires from busting. Much better now.

36Ophiuchi   Oct 12, 2015  

I finally got everything flight worthy and went out for a flight. In my excitement I plugged the batter in backwards (I think) and fried my ESCs. I've got new ones in hand and all the bits I need so a re-build is underway. Switching from 2s to 3s as 2s was too wimpy for this build.

Whiffles   Oct 12, 2015 

Ouch, how can you put the XT60 plug in backwards? Are you sure it isn't an ESC calibration issue?

36Ophiuchi   Oct 12, 2015 

I was using JST plug's before. I'm glad I'm switching to XT60, there's no way in hell I'm going to get that wrong. It might have been something else, but the battery and the plug were where I noticed something was wrong first. Battery puffed and the quad side plug melted to nothing.

Whiffles   Oct 12, 2015 

I guess that's one reason you don't see JST plugs powering these rigs. Too bad about the damage.

Whiffles   Sep 22, 2015  

Looking really good! Is it ready to fly yet?

36Ophiuchi   Sep 23, 2015 

so close! either a bad esc or motor is keeping me from aerial glory! should be fixed tonight though.

Whiffles   Sep 23, 2015 

Hope you can get your money back or a replacement on the faulty parts.

Whiffles   Sep 05, 2015  

What are we looking at here?

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Whiffles   Sep 06, 2015 

Very good! How about a parts list? I'm interested in seeing how much this is going to cost.

36Ophiuchi   Sep 09, 2015 

Posted a bunch of parts--left out some bits like screws and spacers. Ends up costing more than I thought it did but not all that bad. Can't wait to get it built up. Should be able to get it in the air by Friday as long as all my parts work as expected.

Whiffles   Sep 09, 2015 

Looks good. I need to fix the total price. It's taking the "S" from See Site and using that as the dollar sign.

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