By Rfcdesign on Jul 11, 2018

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This is my first ever quad, I followed Whiffles Wizard Killer MKIII build which is here
Only difference from that build is that I had to order the racerstar motors as the DYS motors were out of stock.

It was a super easy build - even for me - who has limited soldering experience. I went without the HD camera, my fpv headset has DVR so i'm just capturing the low resolution videos for now. Here is my first flight with this quad (any quad actually! this is my first ever flight!). Thanks to about 20 hours of simulator practice on velocidrone it went quite well :)

Thanks rotorbuilds for getting me into the hobby, and thanks @whiffles! I'm hooked, and already planning my second build, which will be using the elf 88mm frame.



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mb1980   Jul 25, 2018  

Had a question on the battery.  I can't get anything that is exactly the same in Canada because of import laws.  So I was wondering what other batteries might work.  Or how to select a battery based on maH and C.

Rfcdesign   Jul 27, 2018 

mah is the best measure, you can never trust the c ratings on the labels, just make sure its 4s and around 1500mah give or take 100mah, also shop by battery weight if youre tossing up between a few. lighter batt = more flight time, less motor revs to keep elevation and better handling all round :)

Croops   Jul 23, 2018  

That low angle front photo looks dope

Whiffles   Jul 13, 2018  

Nice job! I'm happy to hear the build guide worked out for you. Using the Racerstars really brings the price down as well.

Jodie Froster   Jul 12, 2018  

Lookin good!! Really a great first quad for sure. You need wires between your flight controller and your xt-60 connector so you can zip tie them to some part of your frame and your fc/4n1ESC doesn't break when you throw batteries.

Rfcdesign   Jul 12, 2018 

ah! I kind of skipped that step but I'll go back and do that, thanks for the tip :) im a complete rookie at this!

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