255 PC frame

By herpderp on Sep 05, 2015

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My goal was to build as cheap quad as possible without compromising on essential components quality. So far it seems that hobbywing xrotors and sunnysky motors combo is the best bang for buck (I'm in EU so ordering better motors like cobras cost me more).
It's a custom designed frame cut from 5mm polycarbonate with 3D printed canopy/case. I wanted to maximise frame dirt-proofness up to the point where it could be made almost waterproof.
ESC-s are mounted on arms and vtx is sticked against fpv camera with metal casing so that provides some cooling even though vtx is sealed inside. There's also a foam made battery cover but I'll try to draw nicer solution soon. Also, there are going to be changes - I'll remove current lipo buzzer, rotate vtx 90 degrees so antenna goes away from battery, also may try to separate vtx from fpv camera but still keep them in one detachable block.
It's possible to use 2204 motors to reduce some weight but 2207-s are more fun, especially with 4S battery
AUW is aroung 560g with 1300mah nanotech battery.



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Whiffles   Sep 08, 2015  

Very unique build! How did you cut that bottom plate?

herpderp   Sep 10, 2015 

Good old dremel and hacksaw. Holes are by no means perfect but I did print out template/stencil and glued it on PC plate before cutting and drilling. CNC-ing would give much better results though.

Whiffles   Sep 10, 2015 

Oh wow, that must have taken a lot of time! It looks very rigid though. How does it hold up to crashes?

Whiffles   Sep 06, 2015  

What materials are you using to build the frame?

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Whiffles   Sep 07, 2015 

Well now your draft list can be legitimized. Looking forward to a photo!

herpderp   Sep 08, 2015 

Added some now. Btw, is there a way to add comments to photos or sort them?

Whiffles   Sep 08, 2015 

I'm actually working on that. I'm reworking the discussion to make it work more like a build log.

fradioflyer   Sep 05, 2015  

Only 2 motors?

tastelessbagel   Sep 06, 2015 

2 pairs

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