AirBlade Intrepid V2

By airbladeuav on Jul 25, 2018

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DRL pro pilot cum AirBlade team pilot, Eric 'Armonic', approached me few months ago asking for a design that meets his specific needs. He wants a sub-250g legal flying machine that he can take on his hikes and camping trips. He wants to be able to do micro mid range flight with it. At that time, I was about to refresh my Intrepid design so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to update that design.

We compiled a list of things that the design needs to meet:

  • Reasonably light frame
  • Removable arms
  • Support Split Mini or GoPro
  • Support 9mm and 12mm motor pattern
  • Top mounted battery
  • Support 20x20 stack
  • Double stack design for slammed top plate configuration
  • BONUS: Crossfire Antenna mount
  • BONUS: toilet tank style battery mount

The new AirBlade Intrepid V2 met all those requirements AND it can fit up to 1300mah 4S on the top plate for some serious micro mid-long range action. ENJOY!

NOTE: the pictures below are prototype frames, small changes have been made to the cage design to allow the GoPro session to sit better, TBS Crossfire antenna mount was added to the arm.



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At0micwombat   Jan 08, 2019  

What kind of flight time do you estimate with a 1300mah 4s battery?

airbladeuav   Jan 08, 2019 

probably 6-7 minutes. i'd go with 1000mah 4S first to see how the extra weight does to handling capability and flight time before going even bigger

Philo777   Dec 29, 2018  

Hi I am trying to build an Airblade Intrepid like this with a Split Mini 2 and Aikon 20x20 but having trouble fitting it all in? What kind of nylon spacers are the clear ones that you are using?

airbladeuav   Jan 08, 2019 

hey sorry somehow i missed this question. the spacer we use is m2x4

Philo777   Sep 03, 2018  

Can I get a custom built one like this?

bootbox   Aug 02, 2018  

I can't wait to get mine. Are the bottom plate flight stack holes drilled for M2 or M3?

airbladeuav   Aug 02, 2018 

they are M3 holes, but i built mine with m2 hardware, just tighten everything down and it's good to go

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