airbladeuav started an In-Progress Build   Jul 21, 2017  

AirBlade Eclair V2 is the brand new design to take advantage of the RunCam Micro Swift. Bundled with the AirBlade 1104 7500kV motors on 3S, it's a freaking rocket


airbladeuav started a Mockup   2 days ago  

This is the AirBlade Eclair V2 3" Lite frame. The idea is to build a 3" capable frame that run 4S while staying as light as possible. The frame side plate and backpack is similar to that of the Eclair 2" and 2.5". The only difference is the longer arm. Given that the arm length differences is minimal, this maintain a similar weight to a 2" but now have the power of 3" on 4S. You get the picture! The Tattu 450mah 4S is 55g (not pictured) and this setup lasts about 3-3.5 minutes ripping.

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