AirBlade Creampuff Lite

By airbladeuav on Oct 05, 2019

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The way I see this Toothpick trend is going is 3 inch 4S. So what's better than Superman 1404 4850kV (or any 1404 in the same kv range) on 4S. Check out how it performs

Why do I want to build it this way?

  • Power and speed : it's natural that people want more power on their crafts. Look at the evolution of Toothpick, started as 0804 1S, less than 3-4 months later, Kabab said the better setup is 1103 2S, few months later, he's saying 1206 1303 on 3S is the way. I strongly believe you're gonna change your mind once you run 1404 on 4S. You're not adding a ton more weight, but the power and efficiency of 1404 swinging 3 inch is unmatched. Using 1404 4S on 3 inch has been done for almost 2 years now, it's a well tested setup.
  • Efficiency: it's well documented that Superman 1404 on 4S swinging 3 inch props can get you up to 8 mins on 850mah 4S. It's very efficient, our tests show that 1404 4850kV can get you easily over 3 minutes with 450mah 4S swinging T3x2, that's hardcore ripping too!


Part List


AirBlade Creampuff Lite TPU Canopy Frame Kit (6 builds)

Flight Controller

NamelessRC AIO F4 12A 2S-4S Flight Controller (2 builds)


4 x AirBlade Superman AB 1404 Brushless Motors (43 builds)


HQ Prop T3x2 Durable Prop (3 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Turbo EOS2 FPV Camera NTSC 2.1mm (4 builds)

FPV Transmitter

AKK Nano 3 (Smart Audio) (5 builds)


FrSky XM SBUS Micro Receiver (16 builds)


AirBlade Premium 460mAh 4S 14.8V 75C XT30 by Bonka (6 builds)
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Chris_Schaeffer   Feb 25, 2020  

How does this hold up? I see that you are using a 12A ESC board and you seem to be pulling around 15-20A average. Can the 12A handle that for sustained flight?

airbladeuav   Feb 25, 2020 

12A is per motor so through the entire system you have 48A. the board holds up just fine.

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