AirBlade Transformer Mini - Micro Long Range HD

By airbladeuav on Sep 02, 2020

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Hopefully by being here it means you are familiar with the AirBlade Transformer Mini build. If you are not, take a moment to check out this blog post that outlines the design philosophy and explains the design decisions behind this build.

If you're looking to build one yourself, make sure to follow this incredible build guide

This is my HD build of the AirBlade Transformer Mini. I'm using the Caddx Vista HD system as well as BetaFPV 20A AIO Toothpick FC for weight saving. You can certainly use a 20x20 stack together with the Caddx Vista. The choice of motor is also carefully thought out, AirBlade Superman 1404 4850kV. We choose this kV range because it can handle a wide range of battery setups, from 2S to 4S.

This is a truly versatile Micro Long Range HD build. You can get up to 30 minutes flight time while capturing HD footage. Depending on your battery choice you can also stay sub-250g as well. There are 3D printed mounts for the Naked GoPro series as well as Insta360 GO on thingiverse. The mounting mechanism allows you to vary the camera angle however you want instead of being fixed to one angle.


Part List


AirBlade Transformer Mini 4 inch Long Range (5 builds)

Flight Controller

BetaFPV Toothpick F4 20A AIO Flight Controller 2S-4S (13 builds)


4 x AirBlade Superman AB 1404 Brushless Motors (47 builds)


GemFan Hurricane 4023 3-Blade (4 builds)

FPV Transmitter

CADDX Vista Air Unit for DJI HD System (51 builds)




Team BlackSheep TBS Crossfire Nano Receiver (SE) (349 builds)


Team BlackSheep Tango 2 PRO Crossfire Radio Controller (3 builds)


DJI Digital HD FPV Goggles (4 builds)

3D Printed

AirBlade Transformer Mini 4 inch Long Range 3D Printed Accessories (3 builds)

HD Camera

Insta360 GO FlowState Stabilization (4 builds)

Radio Module

Team BlackSheep Crossfire Micro TX V2 Starter Set

Battery Charger

iSDT 608AC Smart Battery Charger BattGo
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Vitalii   1 day ago  

Great build. Do you have links to download 3d printing files for both camera mounts and GPS mount?

recon   10 days ago  

I frickin love it. That longboi antenna is quite the addition!

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