The Raven

By The Van on Aug 06, 2018

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This is a prototype. Camera died before finished shots, will have more soon :)



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Flatline   2 days ago  

Oh.My. So clean.

AvdS   4 days ago  


thumbtwiddler   7 days ago  

dude i don't even like racing things and this shit's H O T.

QuadConnect   7 days ago  

I too am a frame designer. And I'm jealous. This thing is HOT. If it's sub 50 I'd buy for sure! Really, really, neat, clean, futuristic pod design !!!! Great stuff!!!!!

Slush   8 days ago  

I'll take one of those. what site will they be selling on?

The Van   8 days ago 

Site will be up soon & rotorbuilds will be the first to know :)

Slush   8 days ago  

hmm my tally shows 315.70. seemed to cheap to be true.

claudeFPV   9 days ago  

Now this is the sexiest quad I've ever seen!

Ma06tt   9 days ago  

Bro, I will buy this as is right now if you wanna make the sell. If so, email me,

EZRACER   10 days ago  

Woo. Is it going to be put on sale? What frame is the base plate from? Or did you make that yourself too

The Van   10 days ago 

The base plate is original also & yes they'll be on sale :)

Metalquad   10 days ago 

id buy it!

i-man   11 days ago  

Wahouu !!! So beautiful !!!
Not enought room to put a 4-1 esc?

The Van   11 days ago 

Thanks! There is, I just happen to prefer individual & had these lying around. There's room for 2 boards pretty comfortably, possibly 3 if you lay it out right.

i-man   10 days ago 

How did you print the pod? TPU or ABS?

The Van   10 days ago 

Semiflex TPU

Burning North   10 days ago  

Daaamn, this is gorgeous. Please do let us know if/when you start selling this, even if it's just files. Stack between the arms + low-profile canopy = hawt.

How are you attaching that canopy? Locknuts pressed into the TPU?

The Van   10 days ago 

Thank you! Glad you appreciate the inset stack :) I've always really liked tight frames (and the low cg they can achieve), but still wanted to give people room for choices.

Heat-set inserts in the canopy - they melt right in using a soldering iron & so far have worked well!

Jodie Froster   10 days ago  

Strong work. I'd like to get at some plans dog!

The Van   10 days ago 

My files are probably more of a pain in the ass than they're worth! haha
I'm still unsure about releasing the print files and cut pattern. Not sure if they should be completely open source or whatnot. Lots to consider but I'll let you know when I can

Whiffles   10 days ago  

That's gotta be the most stylish GoPro mount I've ever seen. Looks great even without the camera. Is this frame going into production?

The Van   10 days ago 

Sure is, thanks! Working out just a few details after building and testing these units & they'll be ready to buy soon after :)

daveofdefeat   10 days ago  

Great looking design! Message me when it's available. Where are you mounting your crossfire antenna? maybe mod the canopy to include a bracket for an immortal T?

The Van   10 days ago 

Thanks! Will do. I've got an immortal T mounted on the underside of the arm (not pictured), but am definitely tossing around some ideas for improving that for V1.

Here's a pic of the 6" variant with the antenna mounted on the arm:

Quad_out   11 days ago  

How much does the frame weight and is there mouting for a 20x20 stack?

The Van   10 days ago 

Yep, there is 20x20 mounting and the frame weight is around 70g if I remember correctly. Probably should have written that down before I built them all out haha :)

CombreFPV   11 days ago  

nice pm me if I can buy one frame and gear 👌🏻

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