Park'n lot pimp'n: 3" Acrobrat

By ClfHngr on Aug 09, 2018

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Started moving back to building freestyle frames instead of racing frames. Saw the Acrobrat and was perfect to replace my other 3" racers. From the first maiden, I didn't have to change pids and flies flawlessly. No jello in the HD footage from the Split Mini. Use the red grommets for both the frame and the stack.

Flight videos coming soon.



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Knucklehead   7 days ago  

Nice looking brat! Love the color scheme.

sergetania   8 days ago  

Nice job with the build! Curious, why use the race wire?

ParadoX   8 days ago 

easier to work on if motor needs replacing

ClfHngr   7 days ago 

yep, easier to swap motors cause theres actually a few i wanna try out besides the f20. bh 1407 and the 1507. plus ive spliced wires from prop strikes which this will prevent.

ParadoX   8 days ago  

like your build man im also using the same motors and stack

Jodie Froster   8 days ago  


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