Da Bratt!!!!

By Drones_Brigade on Sep 05, 2018

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Took awhile for me to get this one built. I got sick and tired of not being able to film my 3" flights. So I was very excited when this frame was announced. Not being able to get the turtle and always being out of stock was a big part of the lag on this build. Oh, and usps also lost the first turtle I finally ordered. Right now, Im tuning this quad and I'm trying to get the most out of it like my 3" tooth fairy.

This build is a little bit on the heavy side @ 211g with everything but the battery.
AUW with everythin is 291g

Special Thanks to Brent at bmc3d.co for the great prints provided for this build.



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lemonydes   5 days ago  

Do you have props in the camera HD view? Is there a way how to remove propeller from HD footage?

Drones_Brigade   1 day ago 

yes j have a bit of prop in the bottom corners. mounting thr camera higher should fix that.

ClfHngr   4 days ago  

Are those custom motor landing pads? Those might be what I'm looking for to shave off weight for protection. I can't find them on BMC's site.

Drones_Brigade   1 day ago 

those were releaaed by someone and i just had bmc3d print them out for me .

Whiffles   15 days ago  

Looks great as usual! How do you like it?

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Whiffles   3 days ago 

Footage looks really clean, no jello.

Drones_Brigade   2 days ago 

hey man, i was just wondering how the scoring works on the leaderboard here

Whiffles   2 days ago 

You earn points for likes to comments and likes to your builds. You can click your score above to see how you got your points.

wiytboi   13 days ago  

whats better all around but latency also. turtle or split mini?

Drones_Brigade   10 days ago 

havent tried the runcam but with this turtle, i cant really tell that there is latency

Currently   15 days ago  

I wish they would restock... I've been wanting one for while now. Would you happen to know?

Drones_Brigade   14 days ago 

have you tried piroflip?

Drones_Brigade   14 days ago 

have you tried piroflip?

Currently   13 days ago 

OMG thank you!

sergetania   18 days ago  

My brat was exactly 211g without a battery! I love how it flies.
Nice build!

DPJ   18 days ago  

Looks fantastic!! :D

Drones_Brigade   18 days ago 

thank you!

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