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By Fujin_fpv on Aug 13, 2018

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After waiting for almost a year for a frame other than the Armattan Chameleon, and my Xhover Stingy I found it.   The Astro X X5 Johnny FPV frame, super sleek, super strong and well thought out. Being the first Astro X frame I've built, I anxiously awaited the arrival from the second I saw the first teaser pics.

Once it came i have to say i ws shocked at the carbon quality, the fit and the finish.  Second to none!! The arms are skinny but ridiculously stiff. There's two holes in each arm. One for a 20x20 stack and one for the mounting screws which are 30.5x30.5 to sandwich the arm between th bottom plate and arm support x which has only 5 press nuts. The tolerance of the screw holes is tighter than any other frame I've assembled. Although the arms only have one screw through them they don't wiggle at all. Not even a fraction of a mm. Once the arms are slightly threaded with the screws through the 30.5x30.5 holes in the bottom plate then into the arms, you realize that the arms are made slightly long. This adds preload to the arms in the center of the frame against the screws. The addition of the X support pushes the arms perfectly flat with an amazing amount of tension. Finally you add the center screw to lock it all down. Then comes the camera side plates which fit so snug in the top and bottom plate you aren't sure they will even fit. A few wiggles and they slot it perfect. If you purchased the plastic parts kit, the rear standoffs are machined to fit the rear plastic vtx antenna mount. The arm skids, front and rear bumpers fit tight and match the curves of the frame perfectly, as do the landing skids.  The 3d printed GoPro mount is designed to fit the session or hero 5/6 without a protective case. But the quality is awesome.



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Crownleyian   17 days ago  

Awesome build man love the colours and it's so tidy!
How did you mount your GoPro with the case did you cut that bottom lip on the 3d mount?

Lownfpv   Mar 14, 2019  

is possible to mount a 20x20 fc in ?

Fujin_fpv   Mar 15, 2019 

yes its drilled for both

Sebastian FPV Ger   Dec 23, 2018  

Have also a betaflight setup on this frame. There are issues with my PIDS. Can you pls share with me? @LFujin_fpv

PaPaYoU   Sep 22, 2018  


FranchiFPV   Aug 18, 2018  

exactly the same build than I would like to do! do you have the props in the vision of the gopro ?

ICryWhenIDrink   Aug 17, 2018  

Could you show how you wired the crossfire nano? I have a xm+ and i can't get it working :(
Thank you :)

Fujin_fpv   Aug 17, 2018 

building a spare tomorrow ill get more photos...  maybe do a build video

ICryWhenIDrink   Aug 17, 2018 

Nice! Thank you :)

Fujin_fpv   Aug 17, 2018 

what fc are you

Heybob   Aug 16, 2018  

hi bro! nice build.
How much does the build weight? and how you put that RUNCAM Micro on there? have you used only one screw?

Fujin_fpv   Aug 16, 2018 

I had a few longer screws from the top plate of my old Chameleon. I have one screw in either side, but to prevent the camera from rotating I have a 1.5mm thick washer on either side of the camera between the camera side plates. This is slighlty wider than the two side plates, so when its fully assembled there is tension sqeezing the camera preventing it from rotating😉

Fujin_fpv   Aug 16, 2018 

Ill get an AUW tonight.

Fujin_fpv   Aug 16, 2018 

450g with GoPro - no

thumbtwiddler   Aug 16, 2018  

looks amazing! how does the frame fly?

Fujin_fpv   Aug 16, 2018 

The frame is ultra stiff super responsive. Still tuning the pids to get it just right but with Betaflight 3.5 rc2 stock pids and settings are pretty good.  Feels more responsive than the chameleon a little more hang time on floaty tricks...  better top end and faster punch outs over objects.

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